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10 Signs You're Really A Delta Gamma

10 Signs You’re Really A Delta Gamma

  1. You have the urge to buy everything and anything with anchors on it.
  2. You’ve watched the FSU Delta Gamma bid day video over and over and over…
  3. You’ve taught boys, children, and basically anyone else who will watch how to throw the Gamma (it’s the left hand, not the right)
  4. Nautical theme is your favorite theme.
  5. You take pride in the fact that Legally Blonde was shot in a Delta Gamma house and Reese Witherspoon studied Delta Gammas for the role. (Hot damn Delta Gam).
  6. Anchor Splash isn’t just a philanthropy event, it’s a holiday.
  7. It’s not just a Raggedy Ann doll, her name is Hannah.
  8. You feel obligated to take a picture throwing the Gamma every time you’re on a beach, near a lighthouse, or on a boat. GET NAUTI!
  9. “Do Good” isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life. And don’t think about correcting our grammar to “do well”, it’s “Do Good” for a reason.
  10. Your favorite flower is the cream-colored rose. If a boy brings you these, he’s obviously done his homework.

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