Greek Life: We're Doing Something Right.

Greek Life: We’re Doing Something Right.Okay, so we sorority women know that Greek life is awesome, (I mean duh we’re Greek), but we also know that there are people out there who don’t exactly share our same feelings. It’s easy to assume the worst when all they’ve ever known is what they see on T.V. or in the movies. Of course we know it’s hard to understand when you’re not a part of it, but you’ve got to give us some “props” for all that we do. I’ve thought about it and came to this question: What if others don’t know what we do? We have a lot to be proud of. If you don’t know; all Panhellenic sororities have a philanthropy that they work extremely hard to raise money for. Along with raising money, some sororities even get to volunteer for their particular cause. These philanthropies are basically the key ingredient to every chapter, and they mean more then anything to a sisterhood. It’s a very humbling experience to realize you’re doing something good for others. One of my favorite memories of being a Greek so far is hosting our first annual Anchor Freeze event after our annual Anchor Splash got too large for the venue we used!

I was really proud of our chapter venturing into new territory and still raising more then we expected for our philanthropy, Service for Sight, which proved that we were more then willing to challenge ourselves to work harder then ever to “do good” (Which if you didn’t know is our sorority motto).

Greek Life: We’re Doing Something Right.Greek Life: We’re Doing Something Right.

My second favorite memory has actually been at another chapter’s philanthropy event. At Kent State’s Delta Zeta’s annual Lipsync event, I got chills as two of their sisters announced their final tally of the money our Greek community raised for their philanthropy. With tears in their eyes the ladies were overjoyed to have raised way over their set goal and more then they thought was possible. I suddenly couldn’t be any prouder of the Greek community for coming together to support these amazing ladies. I mean this is what Greek life is really about, helping others. And we are, so we have to be doing something right!

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