10 Reasons Why Bigs are the Best

Every year, Big/Little reveal is the best time during the new member period. The weeks leading up to this night are filled with fun, mini-dates of pure girl flirt bliss. You meet so many people so quickly and it’s really exciting to get to know the members of your chapter. The best feeling in the world is when you really click with one girl and you instantly know… “I want her to be my big!” All your friends start asking who you want and you just know exactly who is right for you. Then the big reveal night comes and it’s so nerve-racking waiting to be matched with your future momma. When you finally see her though, it’s like love at first sight and feels like the day you opened that bid card all over again. So, here’s ten reasons why your big is the greatest person in the world:

10 Reasons Why Bigs are the Best
Me and my big <3
  1. She’s the worst influence on you in the best way possible. You somehow always convince each other to go out even when you have a big exam in two days. Will you regret it? Yes. Will you do it again? Probably.
  2. When you have questions about what’s going on in the sorority, she always has an answer and you’re always in the loop.
  3. If you need a ride, she will gladly be your chauffeur just to spend time with you.
  4. She helps you out with all those extra freshman meal plan swipes you have.
  5. And if thats not good enough, she will help you finish two large pizzas and make you not feel guilty about any of it.
  6. She spoils you with gifts… Everyone loves gifts!
  7. Your big gives the best pep talks ever and is always cheering you up.
  8. She acts like your mom away from home and she practically is! She will always take care of you… and you will take care of her back. Even if you get testy with each other, an hour later your hugging and celebrating life in general together.
  9. The boy that broke your heart might mysteriously breaks his leg. But your big swears she was at the library all night…
  10. You picked her for a reason and she picked you back! You two are twins at heart and best friends always.

I couldn’t ask for a better big. Thanks for all you do, Emily and shoutout to putting up with me!

10 Reasons Why Bigs are the Best

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