Are You Guilty Of These Makeup Mistakes?

1. Black Eyeliner During the Day

Dark colors shrink and recede, while light colors advance and bring forward. Skip black eyeliner (especially underneath eyes) during the day. It’s less harsh and your eyes will look more open and awake.

2. Applying Makeup To Dry Skin

This is a huge NO. Doing this will accentuate flakiness, fine lines, and sit on top of your skin and look caked on. If you have dry skin apply a primer or moisturizer as a base.

3. Wearing the Wrong Shade Of Foundation

You’re probably lying if you say you’ve never done this at one point. Choose a shade that comes closest to your skin tone, apply to your jawline, and go in natural light to see if it fits. Do not test colors on your hands because they have more redness than your face and results will not be accurate.

*You also should not wear the same shade of foundation year round. 9/10 people have a complexion that is one to four shades darker in the summer time than in the winter time, so it is necessary that you own more than one color of foundation.

4. Using Dirty Brushes

Applying makeup with dirty brushes or sponges not only affects the application, but it also causes breakouts. Wash your tools at least once a week with a brush cleaner or shampoo.

5. Not Lining Your Eyes Correctly

Eyeliner should complement the shape and placement of your eyes. For close-set eyes: the thickest, boldest part of the liner should be at the outer corner to widen them.

For eyes that are spaced further apart: the thickest part of your eyeliner should be concentrated at the inner corner.

6. Curling Your Lashes Last

Curling your eyelashes works best if they are clear of any makeup. That way, your eyelashes will not rip out. After you apply mascara, let dry, and if needed you can (lightly) re-curl.

7. Over-Done Eyebrows

Statement eyebrows are in- but only if they suit you. Do not attempt to fill in eyebrows with an eye pencil that is much lighter/much darker than your brow color. If you are a brunette, try a shade lighter than your natural color. Blondes and redheads should go a shade darker.

8. Having A Mis-Matched Face & Neck

Besides using the wrong shade of foundation, you can also be a victim of not blending your face to your neck. Having a visible line of foundation at your jawline is one of the most common and preventable makeup mishaps. Always blend your powder or foundation down onto your neck so your face is the same shade as your body.

9. Dark Lip Liner

For best results chose a liner that is one shade darker or brighter than your natural lip color.

10. Applying Too Much Mascara

To avoid having clumped eyelashes that resemble spider legs take the time to separate your lashes. Apply by holding the wand horizontally at the base of the lash and wiggle out with your first coat. Then hold the wand vertically for a second coat to build up length, curl and separation.

11. Letting Tired Eyes Get The Best Of You

Didn’t get much sleep last night? No worries- there are simple tricks to mask tired eyes. Use a pencil on your water line (the watery, inner rim of your eyelid) to brighten up your eyes and remove any redness. If you have fair skin, use a white or cream pencil. Medium-skin girls can use a nude liner, and people with olive complexion should go for the gold pencil for brightening. Dark-skin types can try a dark brown eyeliner.

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