Drugstore Lipstick Steals That Look Like The Real Thing

Fall 2013 is all about an awesome deep red or berry lip. For some of you this may sound a bit scary. If that’s how you’re feeling then I’m guessing splurging on a $15 MAC lipstick may seem a bit of a waste when simply experimenting. Well, never fear, I’ve taken some of the most popular MAC fall lipsticks and found spot on, drugstore dupes perfect for a student’s budget or someone just wanting to “test the waters” of bold lips.

Drugstore Lipstick Steals That Look Like The Real Thing
(From left to right and top to bottom)

MAC REBEL/MILANI SANGRIA: I had to start with MAC’s Rebel lipstick, if you’re and avid beauty follower you know that Rebel has basically been running the cosmetics scene for about the past year. It is the absolute perfect shade for both fall and winter. A beautiful deep plumy pink color, this shade is easy to build whether you want just a tint of berry or are going for a true deep plum. If you go for this lipstick expect LOADS of compliments. The drugstore brand Milani has a shade called Sangria that is identical and sells for less than $5 at your local Wal-Mart.

MAC DARK SIDE/ MILANI BLACK CHERRY: The next color up is Dark Side, a deep burgundy shade that is a bit daring but embodies the fall perfectly. It is ideal for any weekend when you’re looking to be extra fashion-forward. Another Milani brand lipstick is its identical match, Black Cherry will, again, only set you back about $5, such a steal.

MAC UP THE AMP/REVLON BERRY HAUTE: Lavender violets have been a trending color in the cosmetics world for the past year and they’re not going anywhere yet. Up the Amp, unlike a lot of the violet toned lipsticks out there, is fall appropriate because it is not so neon and summer-like as many of the other lavender hues. Brunettes, this color is for you, I envy the way you are all able to flawlessly pull of this lipstick. Revlon carries an ever so perfect dupe called Berry Haute and you can pick it up for roughly $5 at your favorite drugstore.

MAC TWIG/RIMMEL KATE MOSS #104: Twig is for the ladies who want something a little more neutral and everyday appropriate. It is one of those “your lips but better” shades that blends together a beautiful mixture of pink, mauve and brown. I wore this color to class today because it’s awesome for looking put together without looking like you tried too hard. Twig is such a hard lipstick to dupe due to all its different tones that it takes on, but Rimmel’s Kate Moss shade in number 104 is pretty much as close as it gets for only $5.

MAC VIVA GLAM I/NYX SNOW WHITE: Everyone needs a good red lipstick for fall and winter, but when its cooler out you need a red with what is called a “blue base”, basically meaning it doesn’t pull any oranges or pinks (those are more suited for summer). Viva Glam I is my favorite blue toned fall red. It is simply a deeper version of that classic red lip. Side-note, for those of you that don’t know, every bit of the proceeds from MAC’s Viva Glam lipsticks go to AIDS charity so they’re a chance to make you feel a little bit better if do choose to splurge the $15. If that kind of money for a lipstick still isn’t your cup of tea then NYX has a color called Snow White that is less than $4! You can’t afford not to get it!

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