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How To: Go Out Without Failing Out

College is the four best years of our lives (sometimes longer if you have too much fun). But that’s just it, college is not only the most fun, it is also four of the most important years of our lives. College prepares us for our futures, trains us for our careers, and teaches us how to live and survive on our own. These four years are crucial but they are also the time to have fun and let loose with friends. One of the most important aspects of college is learning to balance our time between working and playing. Some may play too much and suffer the consequences of bad grades and some may earn a 4.0 but miss out on memory-making opportunities.

How To: Go Out Without Failing OutThe key to succeeding in college is to divide your time for everything. Create time to study hard and get good grades but also create time for movie nights, naps, and going out with friends. And after those fun late nights, don’t waste the next day to recover. Wake up, grab a large coffee and head to the library. Consider making a daily schedule of everything that needs to be done. Once you complete that schedule, reward yourself with whatever you feel appropriate. Rewarding yourself will subconsciously encourage yourself to stay on top of your school work and obligations and that encouragement will lead to success.

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