There's No Place Like An SEC Tailgate

No matter what major university you attend, you know that football season brings tailgate season. Growing up in Minnesota I was accustomed to Big 10 tailgates at the University of Minnesota and Iowa State; a cut off t-shirt and athletic shorts were the normal attire for girls of all ages. When I was a freshman at the University of Missouri it was the school’s first year in the South Eastern Conference. (Have you ever heard of the term, “SEC sundress?” Well, if not, you have now. And let me tell you, the females of the University of Missouri took quite the fancy to the new “dress code.”)

There’s No Place Like An SEC Tailgate

On game day, you will see frat boys in bowties and sorority girls in a sundress (school colors, of course) and cowboy boots. Now, being a Northern girl, I wasn’t sure how I would feel getting up an extra hour early to get dolled up only to sweat off my stick-on tattoo. But with 9 tailgates under my belt, I wouldn’t have it any other way. What sets the SEC apart, besides the ridiculous athleticism of Johnny Manziel and A.J. McCarron, is the fashion forward tradition for all who attend the games, and I have to say, I will always be a fan.

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