How to Start Preparing for Finals Right Now

1. Write all of your dates down.

Make sure you write down all of your exam dates, final project dates, and paper due dates. I put mine in a monthly calendar in my planner. I also make a list of all of my exams on a sticky note on my laptop.

2. Make a list of everything you need to know. Make sure you have all of the materials and notes you need.

I like to make a list for each class of all of the topics I am responsible for. I check the topic off when I study it and understand it. Also make sure you have all of the notes you need.

3. Compile notes into study guides. Compare class notes with your textbooks.

I type up all of my class notes and add in important parts from the textbook. That way, I have the perfect study guide for each class.

4. Review a little every day!

I have high test anxiety. I have learned that by reviewing my study guide a little bit each day, I slowly learn the topics I need to know. Then, my anxiety level is much lower because I can tackle little sections each day.

5. Prioritize what is most important. Focus more on the classes you know you are struggling with.

I know I did not do that well in my Accounting exams, but I did very well in my Psychology exams. I am going to spend more time studying Accounting than my other classes because that is my most difficult class.

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