The Ultimate Guide to the Best Leggings

As a sorority girl, I live in leggings. It is a rare occasion that I wear jeans. In fact when I do wear jeans, my friends ask me why I am so dressed up. I love leggings because they are so easy, versatile, and comfortable. Here is ultimate guide to the best leggings for every occasion for any Sorority Stylista. [Total Sorority Move said it best when they said that leggings are a lifestyle. However, not all leggings are created equal.

1 . LuluLemon

If you want to splurge, invest in a pair of LuluLemon Under Wunders. They are great for the gym, library, class, and lounging.

2. Zella

If you want to save, I love the brand Zella. They are very similar to LuluLemon.

3. Splendid

I wear Splendid leggings to sleep, to class or the library. These are not for working out because they are cotton. They are by far the most comfortable leggings if you are not going to the gym.

5. Fleece-Lined Leggings

If you go to school in a cold environment, you need fleece-lined leggings. In Rochester it gets freezing during the winter. Fleece-lined Leggings are perfect to keep you cozy and comfortable, without looking bulky.

6. Cropped

If you are working out, or go to school with hot weather, cropped leggings are your best friend. I love these ones from Nike. I wear these ones during the first few months of school because they are lightweight.

7. J.Crew

I wear my J.Crew Pixie pants all the time. These are my “dress up leggings.” I wear these to class, to formal chapter, or out at a party. They are thicker than regular leggings and have a zipper detail so they are more formal than regular leggings.

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