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New Year. New Hair. New You.

It’s 2014! AKA it’s a chance for new beginnings and what better way to follow through with this than a new do. Hair-do that is. The great thing about switching up your hairstyle is that it always can just grow back if you hate it. I dare you to change the color, cut or even just the style of your hair this new year. It always feels good when I change things up a bit.

It can be something as simple as sporting a new middle part or attempting to learn how to curl hair properly (which I recently accomplished.) The “not curly but not pin-straight” hair is in right now. Try some hair products that contain sea salt to get that beachy look even in the middle of winter.

New Year. New Hair. New You.
extended bob

Maybe cut off your hair and try a soft and pretty extended-bob look.

Or try bangs if you’ve got the forehead for it.

Last but not least I encourage you to color your hair. Either get it professionally done at a salon or use any color hair chalk that is becoming more and more popular- (definitely save some for summer festival time!) Fingers crossed I’ll soon have purple ombre in my hair!

Be bold, take a risk and finally change your hair to one of those Pinterest ideas you’ve been eyeing for months!

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