30 Lies Every Girl Totally Tells

  1. “I don’t stalk his social media anymore.”
  2. “Or that new girl he’s talking to.”
  3. “Ya, that outfit looks really good.”
  4. “No, I don’t mind paying.”
  5. “I don’t care if he doesn’t ask me to his formal.”
  6. “I’m really not jealous of her.”
  7. “I know the rules of football.”
  8. “Ya, I even have a favorite team.”
  9. “His best friend is hot? I really didn’t notice.”
  10. “I don’t mind that he is friends with her.”
  11. “Your haircut rocks.”
  12. “We should hangout sometime.”
  13. “No, I totally didn’t hookup with him that night.”
  14. “Or him.”
  15. “I’m really great at cooking/baking.”
  16. “I’ll make you dinner sometime.”
  17. “The way a boy dresses doesn’t matter that much.”
  18. “I would definitely date someone who isn’t into greek life.”
  19. “It’s okay that she has the same shirt on. She looks great.”
  20. “No, it’s okay. Your morning breath isn’t that bad today.”
  21. “Ya, you can leave an overnight bag here.”
  22. “Ya, I don’t really like cuddling either.”
  23. “You are hotter than all of your brothers.”
  24. “I totally trust you over Spring Break. No worries.”
  25. “My boyfriend is in my favorite fraternity.”
  26. “I don’t hold grudges. That’s so high school.”
  27. “We don’t need to match for formal! Wear what you want.”
  28. “You’re canceling plans? Thats okay! I have other stuff to do.”
  29. “I have a few guys I could ask to date party.”
  30. “I need to shop. I have nothing in my closet.”

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