4 Everyday Health & Living Do's and Don'ts

Don’t: The Juice Cleanse

Do: Detox Tea

I never understood the hype of a juice cleanse or why it was even popular, but of course I did it anyway. If I learned anything from the cleanse, it was that people need solid food. Drinking juice all day doesn’t make you feel healthy, you feel tired and weak. Instead, drink Detox tea. You can buy great brands at your every day grocery store. I drink a mug full every morning, it helps keep things regular and leaves me feeling refreshed and healthy.

Don’t: Go to tanning beds

Do: UV Free Tanning

I am honestly surprised after all this time that tanning in beds is still a thing. Every one knows that the lasting effects on your skin and overall health are horrible. I cannot say it enough: self tanner, self tanner, self tanner. It might be more expensive but you will be thankful you didn’t spend years frying yourself when you grow up.

Don’t: Platos Closet

Do: Poshmark

I HATE getting rid of clothes, its not my thing and never will be. So if I’m parting with them, I better be payed accordingly. Plato’s might be faster and a better option if you need cash right away. But with Poshmark, you choose how much to sell your items for and can decline an offer if it is too low. When your item sells, you are sent a prepaid postage stamp and send the item to the buyer. Everything is super easy. I recommend looking to it.

Don’t: Buying a coffee every day

Do: Invest in a Keurig

I used to spend not $5 EVERY DAY on just one cup of coffee. I question my sanity every day. I guarantee you that Starbucks sells your order in Keurig filler form. It will save a lot of money and a lot of gas. Wake up, brew your own coffee, and watch your bank account thank you. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but its really all the same. Trust me.

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