5 Best Forgotten Hollywood Relationships

5. Vanessa And Zac

I love when movies create couples. From the second we were let into East High, it was obvious that Troy and Gabriella were more than just friends off screen. I might have only been in fourth grade when they were dating, but even my pig tail wearing head could tell this was real love.

4. Jessica and Nick

If you say you didn’t watch Nick and Jessica: The Newlyweds, you’re lying. In fact, I still watch it on YouTube all the time. Its a classic. Honestly their relationship was flat out annoying, but they just looked so good together…

3. Miley And Nick

Back when Miley had hair and was still half Hannah Montana…. also known as the good old days. I was OBSESSED with these two. “Niley” as they were coined, for some reason really mattered to me. I’m honestly still waiting for these two to just get back together already. Like what are we waiting for here…

2. Selena And Justin

There are no words to describe this relationship. So much back and forth. I think I am emotionally tired from this relationship even more than they are. Even though they aren’t together right now, its obvious they are just taking a break to find themselves and then get married, haver a dog and a few kids. Plus, their albums just released at the same time. Coincidence? I think not… All the songs are about each other and its flawless. Listen to Selena’s new song, “Camouflage” and say its not about Justin. I dare you.

1. Britney And Justin

Most iconic couple in Hollywood history. If you have an argument, it is completely invalid. Bye.

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