5 Style Trends That Make Us Want To Scream

1. Miss Me Jeans

I went to small Catholic school my entire life. I lived in khakis, polos, and sensible footwear for at least twelve years. Every time my school had a “jeans day”, one this was inevitable. MISS ME JEANS. Every girl would pull out their pair of over priced, over bedazzled jeans. How are these comfortable to sit in? Look at all that stuff on the pockets? These are easily one of the worst things in fashion, I could rant about them for hours. My hatred got so bad, I stopped going to school on “jeans day” just to avoid them. I totally stand by that decision.

2. Leggings as Pants

To quote Blair Waldorf, “LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS”. Ladies, please learn that leggings should be worn if, and only if, your bum is covered by what you are wearing on top. No one wants to see your undies or skin through the thin material of leggings. There is a difference between every day leggings and yoga pants. Yoga pants are a thick material and can be worn with shorter shirts. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. IT MATTERS I PROMISE.

3. FUGGS (fake Uggs)

Honestly, don’t wear real ones either.

4. Overalls

I have seen grown woman wear overalls lately and I am genuinely confused where they even bought toddler clothing in their size. Overalls are for little kids or 50 year old men that farm. Most likely, if you are on this website reading this article, you are neither.

5. Print leggings

I don’t hate leggings, I promise. I just hate when they are worn incorrectly. You all know what I am talking about when I say “print leggings”. Those colorful things, covered in snowflakes that look like they were bought at a grown up Limited Too. I don’t even know who thought those should be available for grown women. Honestly, I don’t think children should wear them either but that’s just me.

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