6 Signs You and Your S/O are a "Power Couple"

1. Does your style match?

I can’t look like a goddess everyday and date a boy who wears neon or cargos. Obviously don’t look better than me, but at least try to be on my level.

2. Does he look good in your photos?

I’m addicted to social media. If I did something, there is either a tweet, snapchat story, blog post, or most importantly: an INSTAGRAM. If we don’t look good in pictures together, it simply won’t work out. Sorry.

3. Does your S/O have career goals?

I already know what I want to do and that isn’t changing. I prefer the term “Funemployed”, because I’m choosing my career based on something I love to do. My guy needs to have a solid plan that will support our family because let’s be real… my travel blog and being a great housewife probably won’t pay the bills.

4. Does your S/O have a fair share of friends?

I would hope so… I’m a busy person. Power Couples can’t only hangout with each other. That’s just weird. They have a network of friends there to back them up. Plus, all of his single friends can be paired up with my single friends. Everyone knows that Power Couples are the best match makers.

5. Is your S/O well traveled (or willing to be)?

You’ll be going places together. Seeing things. Learning stuff. Power Couples aren’t ignorant about the world, they are cultured.

6. Do you know what your S/O is up to?

I don’t mean control his every move, but communication is key. I’ve found that relationships get messy when you don’t know where you stand. Set some ground rules. Know what’s up.

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