From Having The Best Big To Becoming One

Everyone hears the stereotypes of Bid Day: “It’s like Christmas!” and “It’s the best day of the year!” But let’s be real, for new members, it’s probably the most awkward time ever. You are thrown into a group of women who are supposed to be your closest friends for the rest of your life. Talk about pressure…

Let’s think back:

It was 2014 Bid Day at WSU and I made it into the house of my dreams (Shout out to my Delta Gamma sisters). I was overwhelmed with so much excitement and so much fear. I didn’t want to be the new member that went through and didn’t make any friends or didn’t make a connection. But luckily, out of no where a random girl came up behind me and grabbed my hand. My first thoughts were “Who is this random girl?” and “Did I meet her during recruitment? Should I know her?”

After a few weeks in the house I learned her name, Amanda. I realized I SHOULD have known who she was. She is smart, involved, and just an all around bad ass. She’s also extremely tall. This might seem like something that isn’t that important, but as a girl who is almost a whopping 6 feet, its a quality I appreciate. She was who I wanted to be when I grew up, even though she was only one year older than me. I knew from just a few encounters, she needed to be my big. And of course, I got exactly what I wanted.

It’s officially one year later, and I still feel like the luckiest little in my member class. If I thought she was a bad ass then, she has far surpassed my expectations. I consider myself lucky to know her on a deeper level than other people. She is always so buts but still manages to put others first. I aim to be a better person every day because I know she expects the best out of me.

In about a week and a half, I will have a little of my own. I already know who it is, and she is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Every side I’ve seen of her: the good, the bad, the ugly, it all reminds me of myself as a freshman (and even a bit right now). I just know she will fit in perfectly with Amanda and I. She will build on to our family. I just hope I can be the empowering, smart, and generous Big that Amanda is to me.

So to my future little: You are going to a big that loves you forever. And you will have the BEST grand big in the world. We expect a lot from you, and will be there every step of the way. Just know anything you’ve done that you regret, we probably already did it five times before you. Come to us with your problems, we would LOVE to help you solve them.

Grow, learn, empower, support others.

Welcome to the family Little One. Your greek family is perfect, and so are you.

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