Help, My Boyfriend Wears Cargos! Style Tips From Ms. Srat to Mr. Frat

We all know a well dressed man is hard to come by, but well worth the wait. Sadly, most boys don’t seem to understand the simple idea that your clothes represent who you are as a person and can greatly effect peoples perception of you. Do you have a boyfriend who wears light wash jeans, calf length socks, and the worst of them all, CARGOS? Well, this article has some great tips for you to completely change his style from total GDI to the Frat Star we all hope to find.

1. Hats, Visors, Sunglasses

I’m awaiting the day that boys realize “Accessorize” is not a girly word. The small details are what really makes an outfit! When a preppy boy throws on a backwards hat or a visor, it’s like the best of both worlds. You get your frat boy will a little hint of athleticism, what more could a girl want?

Hat No’s: Bucket hats, cowboy hats, anything Neon.

2. Bowties, Bowties, Bowties

Bowties. I can’t say it enough. They are seriously a perfect fashion statement for your guy. Everyone knows neckties are on their way out, be hip and rock that bowtie like your life depends on it. I gave my boyfriend a bowtie covered in anchors (gotta represent my chapter), and I get a thrill every time I see him in it. So dreamy.

Neck Wear No’s: Anything Paisley. Just never do it. And for goodness sakes guys, learn how to tie your own tie.

3. Shirts

I don’t care if it’s a button up for a formal or a t-shirt you pulled out of your hamper, that shirt better fit his body correctly. Its cute when girls wear the oversized t-shirt look, but that is for girls only. Trust me boys, wear clothes that help us see your body, it works in your favor. And yes, sadly, the brand of your T-shirt matters. Comfort Colors, Southern proper, etc, those are the go to. I know it seems silly to care about a t-shirt, but if your shack up shirts suck, no one will want one. Are you catching my drift?

Shirt No’s: Loose shirts, Hanes, ED HARDY

4. Bottoms

Let’s just start with the elephant in the room, CARGOS. What are those big pockets for and what the heck are you putting in them? Why to they look so heavy and make your pants sag? Are all those extra pockets cushion for them you sit down? There is just no excuse for those things… please, wear anything else. Be naked for all I care. Trust me guys, there are plenty of shorts out there that will give you a place to put your keys without making you look so horrible. And as for pants, get some that fit! Baggy, Saggy, etc, all bad. A nice pair of fitted pants will go a long way.

Pant No’s: Do you have to ask? C-A-R-G-O anything

5. Outerwear

Outerwear should be the easiest thing for a guy. Classic quarter zips and full zip fleece vests go with everything. Learn this. Live this. Don’t try hard with crazy colored and patterned jackets, girls don’t like them. Its also crucial for every respectable boy to own his own dinner/formal jacket. Make it fit, make it a solid color, and make it nice. If you think you won’t need one, you’re wrong. Crewneck sweatshirts are also extremely comfortable and hard to get wrong, but throw your hoodies away. This isn’t high school and you’re most likely not a jock. Thank you.

Outerwear No’s: Neon, Ed Hardy, Hoodies, Any high school sweatshirts/letter jackets after graduation (like, move on).

6. Shoes

I don’t want to say shoes are the most important thing on a guy but lets be real, they matter. DO NOT wear your boat shoes with socks. Please just don’t. There is really no reason for this at all. Also, if you’re still stuck in high school and wear basketball shoes with high length socks, we’ve got big problems. Own a pair of boat shoes, nice dress shoes (no ugly, thick black dress shoes), and a pair of Sneakers. Its hard to go wrong with Nike and New Balance is really making its way into the fashion scene with preppy boys.

Shoe No’s: High socks, flip flops, nike slip ons, any sandals really… Can you say mandals?

Boys, you need to understand that you don’t need A LOT of clothes, you just need nice clothes. Take pride in your appearance. Dress well, and just see the difference. You will feel better and so will your girlfriend.

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