Where Should I Post This? A Quick Guide To Social Media


The Holy Grail of social media. Not just anyone or anything can be put on Instagram. It takes a long time to put up the perfect Insta. You take at least 1000 pictures with different angles and have to pick just one? Impossible. Then you have to edit it, and that takes forever. Between lighting adjustments and filters, the opportunities are endless. Then the dreaded time comes: CAPTIONS. Don’t even get me started on those devils. Im not clever, creative, or witty, so captions will always be the death of me. I always have at least five saved in my phone for when I’m desperate. I actually think a good caption is what get you likes. And any girl who says they don’t care how many likes are on their pictures are lying. Don’t believe that “it’s just a number” talk. You wouldn’t post it if you didn’t want people to see it and like it.


I feel like Twitter is wear you post pictures that are equally as clever and entertaining as Instagram, but you don’t look as good. If you can’t edit it to make it acceptable but you still want everyone to know you did it, it goes straight to Twitter. Thats how its goes with boys too: putting a boy on Instagram is a big decision. You can’t just stick any random on there. So if he’s cute and you still want people to know you were together, just tweet it. Don’t commit to that insta stuff.


Facebook is definitely something your parents and relatives use to check up on you. It should be reserved for photos of you doing community service or coffee dates. Not you and your friends playing beer pong and taking shots on Spring Break. Think smart: adults always check Facebook first to see what you’re all about. Keep it clean.


Total free for all. Snapchat is for anything and everything. Are you studying with your friends? Snapchat it. Are you drunk by yourself watching Netflix? Make it your story. Maybe I go a little overboard with snapchat, I always seem to have 15 opened and no replies but its cool with me. Its just 10 seconds of embarrassment.

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