Hallowindy! Tips to Stay Cute and Classy without Freezing your Pumpkins Off!

As I get ready to plan out my Halloween costume(s) for the year there are a few things I always like to keep in mind:

Hallowindy! Tips to Stay Cute and Classy without Freezing your Pumpkins Off!
Consider simplicity/comfort, classiness, and the weather!

Simplicity/comfort: Because you don’t want to be tugging and pulling on your costume during the fun parties you’ll be attending! While it is always great to be creative and to have fun with your costume it is important to be comfortable. I love to dance and to mingle throughout events so I would suggest a costume that is easy to move around in, while still making you feel confident and young!

Classiness: We have all seen the movie mean girls, and we all know the Halloween scene. Just like no one wants to be Cadie in that monstrous costume, it is also important to represent yourself and your organization in a positive and classy way. Halloween is the one day a year where we CAN push the limit but there is always a line to be drawn. Wear that fun sparkly corset! Be a daredevil! Just pair it with a longer skirt, or if you wanna wear shorts with it, rock some fun tights and boots! If you have a mini dress you have been eyeing for a while, wear it! Just make sure you are comfortable and opt for some lower heeled shoes or boots. It is all about a healthy balance when it comes to showing skin.

Weather: Last but definitely not least, keep in mind that it is the end of October! Those winds are high and temperatures drop dramatically after sundown. Meaning make sure to incorporate some sort of warmth into your costumes! Last Halloween, I opted for some velvet leggings to complete my bunny rabbit costume, and my friends went with a fun wheres Waldo-inspired jacket, and some tights under a dress! This doesn’t mean cover up head-to-toe, just know your body and again, it all goes back to the point of comfort!

I hope these tips will help you find some fun and cute ideas, and wish you all a fun-filled and safe Halloween!

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