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11 Reasons Why Being A Delta Zeta Is Definitely The Best

If you are lucky enough to call yourself a Delta Zeta girl or if you’re shopping for your sorority soul-mate, this post is for you! All sororities have something immensely special and unique to offer their members and the world. You can’t go wrong joining any of the sisterhoods on your campus and it’s really important to find your match at your school… BUT, and this is a big BUT, being a Delta Zeta is definitely the best. Here are eleven reasons why:

  1. Our jewel is a diamond and our flower is a rose. We’re classy like that.
  2. One of our sisters inspired a Disney character. (No big deal) Edna Mode in The Incredibles was inspired by world renowned costume designer Edith Head, who won eight of the thirty-five Academy Awards she was nominated for. She was truly influential in Hollywood fashion and we are proud to call her our sister from the Mu Chapter at UC Berkeley.
  3. The Painted Turtle Camp is one of the coolest philanthropies anyone could ever be a part of. The camp is for children who have medical needs that would otherwise hinder them from ever attending summer camp, but The Painted Turtle is fully equipped with the supplies and staff these children need to just be kids. And we as Delta Zeta’s get the amazing opportunity of helping the camp and the campers make their dreams come true through immense amounts of fundraising and countless volunteer hours.
  4. Our colors are Rose and Green. Pink because we’re girly. Green because we’re hippies and love the environment.
  5. We by far have the prettiest badge. Roman lamp. Ionic column. Diamond. Pearls. Wings. It pretty much symbolizes that we are all classy Victoria’s Secret Angel Greek Goddesses.
  6. Our sorority was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio; which is considered the “Mother of Fraternities” because of the large number of prestigious Greek organizations that were founded at the university.
  7. Florence Henderson (aka Mrs. Brady) is our sister from the Alpha Chi chapter at UCLA. So, we have two sisters who have Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Edith Head also earned a Star on Hollywood Boulevard.)
  8. Delta Zeta chapters across the nation host one of the coolest fundraisers ever. Turtle Tug!! Tug-a-War over green jello? I think YES!
  9. You know the songs “Girl Next Door” and “Supergirl” by Saving Jane? Yeah that’s our sister, Marti Dodson from the Theta chapter at [Ohio State University.
  10. Our mascot is a turtle. Enough said.
  11. Pretty much, we’re AMΔΖING.

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