The Secret to Successful Bumping: What Your Sorority Needs to Know for a Smooth Recruitment

1. Get to actually know your sisters.

This may sound a little strange because they are your sisters so you know them and have seen them around campus and the house. But I mean ACTUALLY get to know them. Find out little facts about their lives. Knowing these facts will bring you guys closer and PNMs will notice how close knit your sorority is.

2. Make sure you know how to properly say everyone’s name.

It is always hard to remember everyone’s name but just make sure that at least everyone in your bump group you know how to properly say their name. It would be really awkward if you get it wrong in front of the PNM.

3. Know the people in your bump group well so that you can just ease them into the conversation.

Learn things about the girls in your groups so you can relate them to the conversation so the girl bumping you isn’t just awkwardly there.

4. Bring the person that bumps you into the conversation as opposed to them trying to catch up.

Bring the girl bumping you into the conversation so she can just add on to the topic and not have to catch up. YOU want the PNMs to think that you just want them to meet more girls randomly not for them to catch onto the bump group rotations.

5. Make the transition sound natural.

Just go with the conversation and be natural. Don’t lie to the PNMs, if they become your sisters they are going to remember those lies and it is going to be REALLY awkward having to take back those lies.

6. Always remember the last girl’s name that you talked to and write her comment card first.

You will remember the conversation with the last girl the best so start with her comment card. That way every girl you talk to will at least have one card filled out for them.

7. Remember girl’s names and if you see them back day two, in between bumps go say hi so they feel special.

PNMs like to be remembered and if you make the effort to go say hi for a second if will make your house stand out more.

8. Have a nice leaving line like… I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. It was really great to meet you.

Leaving conversations is always difficult to do. You never know how to leave at first but with having a go to phrase it becomes easier. Just make sure you don’t say things like “see you tomorrow” because that can be considered extending a bid.

9. And last but not least, have fun with it.

The girls you are talking to can be your future sisters and you want to get to know them well. The girls going through are WAY more nervous then you so just breathe and keep the energy up.

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