The 4 Best Websites to Find the Perfect Formal Dress

We all have been there: formal is just days away and you still don’t have a dress. What is a girl to do? No one wants to spend major cash on a dress they may or may not wear again. Formal is like prom all over again, but better. You want to look and feel your best and you should. Formal is supposed to be a fun break from all the responsibilities of greek life, so make the most of it!

If you don’t have a sister’s closet to shop in, here are some pretty awesome alternatives to help you find your perfect formal dress!

The 4 Best Websites to Find the Perfect Formal Dress
My boyfriend and I before Delta Zeta’s fall formal.

1. Rent the Runway

I cannot stress enough how amazing this website is. I have rented 10+ dresses from this site before and only have had a problem once (and they overnighted me a dress FOR FREE). The beauty of this site is that there are thousands of designer dresses to choose from at up to 90% off the retail price. Ninety. Percent. Off. That means a $600 dress for $30; you can’t beat that.

You can rent a dress for either four or eight days (for an extra cost) and choose a second size for free so you aren’t left guessing whether or not the dress will fit. Another great part of this site is the “Our Runway” feature. You can enter in your height, dress size, bra size, and other information and see other women just like you wearing their dress rentals. Truly amazing. Best part of all: after you wear it, you put it in a pre-paid UPS package and send it back. Rent the Runway will take care of the rest. You really have nothing to lose, so rent away!

My favorite dress: The Cap Sleeve Swirl Mini by Robert Rodriguez Collection $30 for a 4 day rental

2. Tobi

I absolutely love Tobi. Not only do they have adorable clothes, but they have a ton of dresses to choose from. At least half of my pledge class bought their dresses from Tobi for our recent formal and they all looked amazing. Tobi has everything from classic shift dresses to bodycon minis, so there really is something for everyone. Another amazing feature: you get 50% off just for signing up and shipping is always free. If you already have an account, Tobi often offers 40-50% off sales so watch your email for special offers!

My favorite dress: Golden Girl Dress $56 (Before 50% off code)

3. Lulu’s

The 4 Best Websites to Find the Perfect Formal Dress
Sisters Nicole and Caroline before our fall formal!

Lulu’s is a great site to find formal dresses. They have 13 different categories for dresses. I mean what’s not to love? With so many styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong! If you sign up to receive emails you get an automatic 10% off!

My favorite dress: All Good Things Strapless Indigo Dress $37

4. Nasty Gal

This site can tend to be a little on the expensive side, but you can still find great deals! Their dresses are fashion-forward and will definitely make you feel confident all night long. Nasty Gal will help you stand out on the dance floor (as if your dance moves weren’t enough).

My favorite dress: Nika Dress $48

All of these options are great for finding your perfect formal dress. No matter what site you choose, you are bound to find a dress that will make you feel amazing without breaking the bank!

Most importantly, don’t stress over a dress. You will have plenty of formals and a bunch of dresses, so pick one that makes you feel good and confident. Bottom line: have a blast because you deserve it!

Happy Formal!

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