The Do's and Don'ts of Sorority Recruitment No One Ever Told You

If your school is like mine, January means three things: a new semester, a new meal plan, and sorority recruitment.

Recruitment is without-a-doubt the most exciting thing about being in a sorority. To get an entire new member class filled with amazing girls, I mean, what more could you ask for?

But with all that excitement comes an enormous amount of stress. Not only for members, but for PNM’s as well. When I was a PNM I remember knowing virtually nothing about sorority life (and when I say nothing I literally mean nothing). I didn’t know sororities had minimum GPA requirements or what all-inclusive dues were or even what pref meant. I went in totally clueless, which worked out to my advantage as I wasn’t very nervous about the whole thing. Ignorance is truly bliss, as they say. But if I were to do it all over again, there are some things I would keep in mind. So, to save all the PNM’s out there from feeling in the dark, here are my do’s and don’ts of sorority recruitment.

DO: Wear Practical Clothing/Shoes

There is absolutely nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes in an already somewhat uncomfortable situation. Do your best to choose an outfit that reflects who you are as a person and also keeps you comfortable all night long. Keep in mind, you’re going to be doing a lot of standing, at least a few hours worth. Do yourself a favor and wear comfortable shoes. Trust me, you’re not impressing anyone with your stilettos and you’ll be miserable if you wear them.

DON’T: Try to Figure Out What Sorority Your Pi Chi is In

It really isn’t worth it. Pi Chi’s disaffiliate for a reason: to help you. If you search for them on Instagram you’re defeating the whole purpose of them being there for you in the first place. Plus, one of the best parts of recruitment is finding out what sorority your Pi Chi is in on Bid Night. Don’t spoil it for yourself!

(Note: A Pi Chi is the girl/s that help you through recruitment by disaffiliating with their sorority for the week. They may not be called a Pi Chi at your school, but it’s the same idea.)

DO: Ask Questions

Going into recruitment, I felt extremely confused. I had no idea what was going on half of the time. Don’t be afraid to ask the members questions! That is what they are there for. If you don’t ask questions, you will have a very one-sided conversation and it will just be awkward for everyone. You’ve been warned.

DON’T: Listen to Sorority Stereotypes

You are going to hear a million rumors about every sorority on campus by the time Preference rolls around. Just know 99% of them are false and completely made up by people trying to sabotage each other or bored freshman boys. For more about stereotypes check out THIS article I wrote about sorority bashing on campus.

DO: Keep an Open Mind

You may go through rush with a huge group of friends or completely alone. Either way, do not let the opinion of others affect your decision. Just because all of your friends choose one sorority does not mean you have to rush that sorority too. Even if your best friend chooses a different sorority than you, that doesn’t mean your friendship is going to end! Follow your heart and you’ll end up in the right place.

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My friend Jess, from Sigma Kappa, and I taking in the breathtaking city of Barcelona together over spring break

DON’T: Be Nervous

Honestly, there is nothing to be nervous about. We are more nervous than you are, trust me! Recruitment will be a breeze if you go with the flow and just let the process work. That computer system is some sort of magic, just let it do it’s job.

DO: Think of Talking Points Before Hand

Awkward silence is just that, awkward. Do yourself a favor and come up with things to talk about before hand. Better yet, think of a story from your life that really shows who you are as a person. The person you are talking to will really appreciate it and it will give them a better idea of who you really are.

DON’T: Talk Too Loudly

This one sounds weird now, but you will understand what I mean when you start rush week. There are roughly 50 girls in a room together all talking at the same time. Lots of girls + lots of talking = lots of noise. Now multiply that by 5 days and 20 parties. You will lose your voice by the end of the first night if you don’t try to conserve it. I’m not saying to whisper, but give your vocal chords some TLC. They will thank you later.

DO: Bring a Survival Kit

This kit will include water, snacks, gum/mints, and anything else you think you’ll need between parties. You will be so thankful to have mints and water between rounds, trust me. Also, try to bring a unique bag so your belongings don’t get lost in a sea of black Longchamps.

DON’T: Think You are Guaranteed a Bid

Remember that just because a sorority likes you doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a bid. It’s important to understand that you are rushing with hundreds of other girls and sometimes things don’t always work out as you had planned. No matter what, keep your chin up. You will end up in the right sorority, I promise.

DO: Get Excited

Recruitment is the best time of the year. You are about to join a chapter of girls you will be able to call your sisters and best friends! While stressful, recruitment week will be one of the most memorable weeks of your life, so sit back and enjoy it while it lasts.

Why Sorority Bashing Needs to Stop Immediately
My new pledge class on Bid Night!

Be yourself and everything will fall into place naturally. Good luck!

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