'Wait, that Costs How Much?' and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College

Freshman year is tough even for the most outgoing, organized, and intelligent of us. The one thing I can guarantee about your freshman year is that it will be nothing like you imagined it would be. That, however, it not necessarily a bad thing. You will meet all kinds of different people (some of whom you never thought you would be friends with), have adventures, and probably flunk a couple tests. That is okay. Here is your freshman survival guide composed of the 26 things I wish I would have known before starting my freshman year:

  1. Move-In Day is super crazy. At my school, the entire freshman class moved in the same day, making the day a little chaotic. My family ended up having to carry the majority of my boxes up 13 flights of stairs. Not fun.
  2. You should make friends with people other than your roommates/floormates. While these people are great, if you don’t branch out and make friends in other places you will have a very boring freshman year.
‘Wait, that Costs How Much?’ and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College</figcaption>
  1. Communal bathrooms suck. If you have a private bathroom, you are among the lucky ones. Sharing a bathroom with about 40 other girls led to clogged shower drains, un-flushed toilets, and food in the sinks._ _I think you get the point.__
‘Wait, that Costs How Much?’ and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College
My roommate being squished in an over-packed elevator. Just a normal day.
  1. You should probably plan extra time to get to class if you live on a high floor in your dorm building. Living on the 13th floor last year, I quickly learned to add extra time in my schedule for elevator delays.
  2. You may not always get along with your roommate (or at all). _This is normal.__ _ If the situation gets out of hand, talk to your RA, who can help you potentially find a new roommate.
  3. It is okay to switch your major. Just because you went into college thinking you would be one thing doesn’t mean you have to stay in that major. I switched from Marketing in the Business School to Integrated Marketing Communication in the Liberal Arts School and I have never been happier with a decision in my whole life.
  4. You must bring business professional attire to college with you. This is essential for presentations and interviews. A simple black skirt (preferably knee-length) and a classy top will do just fine.
  5. School work should always come first. Procrastination is normal, but not doing your work, or slacking on a group project (see number 9) is unacceptable. You came to college to get an education (hopefully, if not you are wasting precious money) so make that your first priority.
  6. Do your part in group projects. Don’t be the kid that slacks in the group project, making everyone else suffer as a result of your laziness. It’s not cool and chances are no one will ever want to partner with you again.
  7. Don’t skip class. College is way too expensive to just skip class for no good reason. Plus, you could miss a pop quiz or a homework assignment. There aren’t as many points in college as in high school, so missing a ten-point assignment could really hurt your grade.
  8. It is possible to get a 4.0. Don’t let other people bring you down telling you college is way too hard to have perfect grades. If you work hard enough, a 4.0 is a real possibility. I’m proud to say I have a 4.0 and encourage everyone to work their hardest when it comes to school work.
  9. It’s okay to say no. Just because everyone else is going out or getting pizza or going to the game doesn’t mean you have to. If you don’t want to do something just say no. People will respect you for it.
  10. Ramen noodles are not life nor is pizza (gasp!). If they are your life, chances are so is the freshman 15. Try to eat healthy when you can to keep a clear mind and body.
  11. Midterms will hit you like a brick wall. College semesters typically last from the end of August to the first week of December. Therefore, right before Halloween you can expect those midterms. If you aren’t ready for them, you are in big trouble missy!
‘Wait, that Costs How Much?’ and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College
The lobby on the floor of my dorm building decorated for Christmas time!


  * **Leap out of your comfort zone.** Try new things and meet as many people as you can. Missing out on exciting opportunities will only lead to regret.
  * **Don&#8217;t work too hard.** While school work is the most important thing, a little party never hurt nobody. Just don&#8217;t get _too_ carried away.
  * **The person that you were in high school doesn&#8217;t exist anymore.** It doesn&#8217;t matter whether you were popular or if no one even knew your name. College is your fresh start, so take advantage. 
‘Wait, that Costs How Much?’ and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College
Movie Night on the Delta Zeta Wing!


      * **You need a black and a white dress.** For sorority life, for formal occasions, just have them.
‘Wait, that Costs How Much?’ and 26 Other Things No One Told You About Starting College
Posing for an ugly sweater pick with friends/co-workers for my internship with Rent the Runway!
      * **Some advice from my mom: Misery loves company.** Don&#8217;t let others drag you down. You will understand when it happens to you.
      * **Remember that you are not the exception to the rule.** You don&#8217;t get to run through the halls during quiet hours while everyone is trying to sleep, you can&#8217;t stay on the 30-minute-limit workout machine longer than thirty minutes just because you want to do an hour-long workout, and you certainly shouldn&#8217;t waltz into class twenty minutes late because you feel like it. That means no cutting the line because you don&#8217;t want to wait and no turning in your paper the next day and expecting your professor to give you full credit. Don&#8217;t be entitled.
      * **Keep a planner!** It will help you stay organized and plus Lilly Pulitzer has [these adorable ones, so why not?
      * **Don&#8217;t judge someone based on what they do on your &#8220;Class of 20__&#8221; Facebook page.** Also, don&#8217;t be the person that constantly posts on that page. People will know who you are as soon as you get to school, canceling out that whole clean slate idea.
      * **It&#8217;s not fun being broke.** Save money or even get a job! My spring semester I worked two jobs, had an internship, pledged my sorority, and _still got a 4.0._ I don&#8217;t want to hear any excuses.
      * **It&#8217;s okay to go into college with a boyfriend.** I&#8217;ve dated my boyfriend, Brandon, for almost four years and I have no regrets. If you find someone who makes you happy, hold on to them for as long as you can. Don&#8217;t let people shame your relationship, ever.
      * **GO GREEK!** Best decision I&#8217;ve ever made. You won&#8217;t regret it. At least go through recruitment.
      * **Be yourself.** Above all, stay true to yourself. Don&#8217;t change to be like someone else to fit in. College is about finding out who you are and who you want to be. Just do you.</ol>

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