Fit The Theme Without Looking Like Party City Vomited On You

Welcome Week is easily one of the wildest and most hyped weeks at Indiana University (with the exception of the almighty Little 5, of course). Classes are slow, there’s not much work to do, and, so, to fill the extra hours where you could be buying your books or actually making your room look like a feasible living space, naturally you choose to go out. Sunday-Saturday, partying during welcome week feels kind of like running a never-ending marathon despite the cough that you will eventually catch from the other 100 girls living in your house or the magnetic-like attachment you develop for your bed.

But, like any other too-good-to-be-true kind of thing in life, this series of high life partying comes with a consequence. I’m not talking about the cold catching or motivation lacking, I’m talking about the forever dreaded theme parties.

It’s every girl with a good fashion sense’s worst nightmare. Sure, themed parties are a great time… when you actually have suitable clothing to fit the look. Otherwise you’re roaming from frat to frat in a hodgepodge of hats, glasses, and shoe-wear so that you kinda-sorta look like a construction worker, but really resemble a 5 year old dressed in a Bob-The-Builder halloween costume.

However, you can put a new spin on the overdone themes by tweaking the idea and adding your own sense of style to it. For instance, camo theme doesn’t have to mean baggy army jackets or gothic amounts of black. It can be as simple as combat boots, green/army print accessories, and a little teasing of the hair. You don’t need to rush to Spencer’s Gifts to find a ridiculous looking tutu that you’ll wear one time for a rave theme. Instead just rake through your closet for bright colored crop tops and fun bottoms.

While themes may be a pain in the butt to to put together, if you find the right balance between festive and fashionable, you’ll have the perfect look for the party. Don’t forget, though, everyone gets a freebee here and there to go all out, because sometimes those are the most fun of all

Fit The Theme Without Looking Like Party City Vomited On You

For jersey night theme, girls paired jerseys with jean shorts to add a more cute-casual look to the outfit

Fit The Theme Without Looking Like Party City Vomited On You

Sisters looked extra fierce on camo theme night in dark colored outfits and army patterned hats or head pieces.

Fit The Theme Without Looking Like Party City Vomited On You

Bold patterned bottoms or tops sufficed for a rave theme. Hannah Tillou looked extra fancy in her wedges and black skirt, but still adhered to the theme with her colorful crop top!

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