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Why You Need To Live In Your Sorority House

If you are a sorority girl and are reading this right now, I bet you are either thinking “WOW I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED LIVING WITH MY SISTERS” or “Ugh, I can’t imagine living with 30+ plus girls”

BUT… little does everyone who doesn’t think that living with your sisters would be fun, I am here to prove you wrong. Living in my sorority house this past year was the best thing that I could ever imagine doing. I was first very skeptical about living with 30 girls, wouldn’t be able to get any homework done, and I wouldn’t have any private time to myself. I was so very wrong. Yes, I will admit sometimes you barely get any privacy, but it’s ok. You learn how to deal with it for the time being, because you are with your sisters, and that’s all you need!

Here are the reasons, if you are either on the fence about living in the house, that you should definitely move in!

REASON #1: You always have someone to go to Dunkin/Starbucks with

Us college girls survive on one thing and one thing only. Coffee. Sometimes you need to make daily coffee runs and you don’t want to go alone. I will 100% guarantee there is someone in the house that would go with you so you don’t feel alone, and sometimes those trips turn into Ulta shopping sprees. So it’s basically a win/win situation; you get your coffee and you get some new makeup. What else could you possibly want?

REASON #2: You have 30+ closets to shop from

The night of going out, you are getting ready and you’re going through your closet and you think “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” It happens to all of us. The best thing about living in the house is that if you are not interested in anything you own, you can just go down the hall and look through your sister’s closet and there you go, a whole new outfit and it cost $0!

REASON #3: Living in the house will make you get to know each other a little too well

When you move into the house, you probably know a lot of the girls moving in, but do you really know them? The house makes you extremely close with your sisters, and you will learn a lot about them in the first month of living with them.

REASON #4: Always someone there to drive you to class

Where I go to school, winter occurs about 75% of the time we are there, which means that it’s too darn cold to walk to class any time of the year. You’re probably thinking, “Amy, stop being so lazy, just walk to class.” Well, whenever it’s in the negatives, I doubt you would want to walk 20 minutes to your class. So to help you from getting frostbite, just head on over to the next room and ask to have someone take you to class!

REASON #5: You’re always having a sleepover

You are with your best friends 24/7. You are sharing a room with your best friends, which means endless sleepovers and sleepless nights staying up all night, catching up on life, boys and what not.


Living in the house comes with a lot of perks and this one was one of my favorites. 1) You don’t have to cook for yourself, you will most likely have a wonderful cook who will be your best friend 2) no need for grocery shopping, and 3) endless amounts of Pizza Rolls to eat for your midnight snack.

REASON #7: Where most of your favorite sorority memories will be made

Living in the house for one year has given me what feels like 1,000’s of memories. Whether it’s breaking out your new selfie stick and bothering your roommates with taking embarrassing pictures with it, or putting together mattresses and having a movie marathon, you will cherish those small memories forever and ever.

REASON #8: The mecca of all sorority events

You barely have to leave your house to go to socials or sisterhoods, because they will, most likely, all be held at the house!

Why You Need To Live In Your Sorority House
In-House girls for Fall 2014

There are thousands upon thousands of reasons of why you should move in, but those 8 reasons are just touching the surface of all the great reasons why you should live in your sorority house. Living in the house truly makes your sorority experience, and I suggest everyone to try it out! It was the best decision I have ever made, and I wish I could honestly live there forever with my best friends. Take advantage of every single thing in the house, because the memories you will make will be priceless!

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