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7 Signs You're Greek at a Small School

You always have to find the good in everything, and that’s why you went Greek at a small liberal arts school in the middle of nowhere. And here are some signs to confirm you’re not alone:

1. Everybody knows everybody.

If you walk into a social event and don’t know a single person, then you’re lost. At a small school, everyone knows everyone… But in Greek Life everyone knows everyone AND MORE. We all support each other, and know that if one goes down then we all do! Your best friends might even be in other sororities.

2. You tell potential members that “Greek Life here is nothing like Greek Life at ‘insert larger school name.’”

Because it’s TRUE, or atleast you think it is. When your friends at large universities talk about their Greek Life, it’s a whole different world than what you know. They pay more, dress up more, tailgate more, but we all know there is one thing they DEFINITELY do not do more…

3. Each Fraternity has successfully claimed territory of a certain dining hall at a certain time.

It’s not uncommon for you to know all of the different Fraternities by the dining hall they eat at. In fact, you might even know the specific times just so you can avoid them.

4. You can’t use the excuse “I’ll never see them again” BECAUSE YOU WILL.

In fact, you’ll probably see them the next day… eating flaming hot Cheetos… on a couch… in your house… because that’s just how connected the whole Greek network is. 7 Signs You’re Greek at a Small School

5. You know who people are without even meeting them.

Everybody talks.. or should I say, everybody Facebook creeps. And when you see someone new across the room all you have to do is ask a friend who it is because they’ll most likely know. Then you head to your Facebook and realize that you have 100 mutual friends; might as well add them.

6. You’re not ONLY involved in Greek Life.

If you’re Greek then you’re most likely also involved in 50 other organizations on campus. The Greeks run the school; they’re the leaders of other organizations. They are the people on all the brochures and postcards that go out to potential students. And even though they are only about 20% of the actual student body, they are 90% of the people at the Rec at any time of the day.

7 Signs You’re Greek at a Small School

7. You wouldn’t have stayed if you weren’t Greek!

You might be failing your classes or are so broke that you can’t afford anything ever, but you love your organization so much that you can’t leave. You can’t imagine college without the amazing experiences your organization has offered you. It has given you a new home and a new family *cheesy but true.* So even though school is hard and classes suck, remember that you’ve only got a small amount of time left with the people you love. They’ve made all your good times good, so go make all their good times even better.

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