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Elections Within Your Sorority: Who Will Do The Job Best?

As your sororities election season rolls around, you may be wondering who to vote for and why. You may even be considering running for a position yourself, here is what truly embodies an executive member, and how you should decide who to vote for.

Think about Recruitment

A PNM is ALWAYS in love with the President and VP of recruitment, I know I was. Part of the reason I joined my sorority was because I wanted to be just like them. So when voting, think about yourself freshman year, seeing each house during rush. Think about how excited you were when your chapter president came up to you during recruitment and told you how excited she was that you were there. Who would you want to be your role model.

Your Best Friend May not be the Best Pick

We all know all sisters were created equal, however everyones going to have their best friend within. So if your best friend is running against a girl that you believe is clearly meant for the job, you don’t have to vote for your BFF. Remember, she is going to be the face of the chapter, and the person making all final decisions. You need to have someone who is meant for the job. It’s not a popularity contest.

If You’re Thinking About Running…

If you want to be considered, make it known. Show your strengths. When going to your formal interview, make sure you look professional, showing you care is a big part. Business casual does not mean jeans and a t-shirt! Show you care, and the board your presenting to will view you differently. You shouldn’t show up empty handed, bring a portfolio of goals, and research. Make it esthetically pleasing, don’t show up with a black and white stapled packet. Remember, you’re still in a sorority, bind the folder or use images with color. It will make you stand out and show you went the extra mile. Ultimately, remember to be yourself. They’re not looking for someone who’s perfect, and completely by the book. Part of earning a position is creating change, and reflecting who you want to be on your chapter.

A note to my 2013-14 Beta Lambda President, VP of Recruitment and Pledge Mom (who is our 2015 president!)

Megan and Catherine, you are both FABULOUS, and did an amazing job! You two have been a huge impact and are a huge reason as to why I made the best decision of my life and went DZ! Diane: You are such an important role model in PC 14’s lives, and I know you’ll do an amazing job this Spring –Fall 15 Year!

Elections Within Your Sorority: Who Will Do The Job Best?
My Gorgeous President and VP of Recruitment!
Elections Within Your Sorority: Who Will Do The Job Best?
Fabulous Past President and Future!

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