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Why Having Friends In Other Sororities is Actually The Best

Coming into Greek life I kinda expected it to give me certain things like networking skills, scholarship opportunities, and friendship with my sisters. What I didn’t expect was getting so close to someone in another sorority. This relationship made me realizes that we are all Greek and our Greek Unity is the best thing that college can give us. Here are some reasons why having friends in other sororities is actually the best:

1. You keep each other motivated.

Being in the same major makes it easier to motivate each other. You probably have all the same classes and know when all the mandatory Greek events are going to take place so you remind each other what is due, even though neither of you have probably even started it.

2. You understand your priorities.

You are both very involved in your Greek organizations, but you still have to have time for school work. Friends in other sororities realize that you have to have a certain GPA to stay involved with your sorority, so they don’t pressure you to hang out if you have school work and sorority things to do. They just get it.

3. On Bid Day you can’t wait to have them back just as much as your sisters.

Bid Day is not only exciting for the fact that you get to have your own sisters back, but you also get to have your friends return to their sororities as well. After Bid Day you can openly talk about what they are crafting for their future little and what letters they’re getting, and not pretend like you have no idea what organization they’re in. You also get to show off your Greek unity friendship to everyone in sight.

4. When you see each other at social events you act like you haven’t seen them in in weeks.

The hugging, screaming, freaking out phenomenon. Everyone stares but they can’t say anything about it because they all know you don’t see each other every day like your sorority sisters (even though you probably have every class together, shhhh they don’t need to know that).

5. You can tell them your secrets and not be afraid that it could get around.

Sisters are good for keeping secrets but lets get real, we have big mouths. Friends in other sororities care to hear what your secrets are, but they don’t really care to tell anyone because it doesn’t affect them in any way, and they can’t send you to standards for them.

6. You get to meet so many people.

You meet her sisters that you don’t really see at mandatory events, and find out that they’re awesome people. You might have never been able to meet these girls if it wasn’t for her dragging you around everywhere and meeting all of her sisters, but you’re totally grateful.

7. You can be totally supportive of her running for an E-Board position.

Being in different sororities takes out the awkward, “What are you running for?” “Oh me too” conversation. You will never run against each other in an election and you will never have to admit it if you didn’t vote for her.

8. You will never want the same little.

Nothing is more awkward then realizing you and your best friend want the same person to be their little. Being in different organizations makes this completely impossible and makes it that much more fun when thinking of crafting ideas.

9. She can watch your bae’s activities when his fraternity has an event with her sorority.

Not that you can’t trust him, it just makes you that much more secure knowing that she wouldn’t let him do anything with her sisters even if he tried. Because we all know that no matter how much we say we aren’t, we are very jealous and insecure.

10. You can take really freaking cute throw what you know pics.

These pictures are Greek unity goals. Nothing is cuter than posting a picture with the caption of “No matter the letter, we’re all tied together”. And yes we then show off the picture to everyone at the event, even if they follow us on intsa.

So you should probably make friends in other sororities, because they’re pretty great.

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