12 Reasons Why Dating a Frat Guy is Awesome

  1. Double the formals, double the fun.
  2. He has plenty of t-shirts for you to steal he totally wants you to have.
  3. He knows how to have fun and has that confident, charismatic attitude that’s so hard to resist.
  4. He and his brothers will use any excuse to throw a party - the Kentucky Derby, the football tailgate, or even just to take advantage of perfect dayger weather - and you’ll always be at the top of the invite list.
  5. Fraternity men are dedicated to their philanthropic missions, and passion toward any cause is always attractive.
  6. Along with philanthropy, fraternities embody other goals and values such as scholarship and leadership. He understands the importance of maintaining good grades, holding internships, and being involved on campus, and knows how to successfully do all three.
  7. He gets Greek life. He won’t nag you when you can’t hang out because of chapter and understands that little always comes first.
  8. As in love as you are with your sisters, he feels the same way about his brothers (whether he’ll admit it or not). He respects the bonds of brotherhood and family.
  9. Speaking of brothers and sisters, he always has friends for your friends and vice versa, setting you all up to be one big happy Greek family.
  10. He fully understands and appreciates what it means when you spend 2+ weeks painting him a cooler (sorry finals, you can wait).
  11. A major part of Greek life is the network it builds for life after college (a thing that sadly exists). If he takes advantage of these opportunities, chances are he’ll find success in his future.
  12. Fraternity men are bombarded with obligations, distractions, and temptations. That being said, when he chooses to commit to you above all else, he’s a keeper.

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