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The Sorority Girl's Crash Course In Crafting

Since I’ll be taking a little this semester (yay!), big-little week has been on my mind since this summer. We all know how much planning needs to go into spoiling your little to give her the best week possible, and crafting is always a big part of the process. So, whether you’ll be crafting for your little, a formal date, or yourself, these tips should help you along the way.

When in Doubt, Pinterest

If there’s one thing sorority girls like as much as crafting, it’s Pinterest. I don’t consider myself one of the most creative girls out there, so if you’re stumped on where to start your crafting adventures, use Pinterest for inspiration. There’s a never-ending supply of ideas for cute canvases, formal coolers, and Greek letters to help you get the ball rolling. Make sure to create a board dedicated to crafting so you can keep all your ideas in one place!

The Sorority Girl’s Crash Course In CraftingCraft Early, Craft Often

It’s never too early to start crafting, especially if you have a big event coming up, like big-little week or formal. If you’re taking a little spring semester, use winter break to formulate your ideas and hit up the craft store. I made three trips to Michael’s this past break, and it’s a lot easier to do while you’re at home and have access to a car than when you’re in the city and have to rely on public transportation. (Craft supplies on the T? No thanks.) Also, some crafts take longer than others, and just to warn y’all, formal coolers can be a pain. If you’re taking on a cooler, give yourself weeks in advance, as you’ll have to wait for each side to dry before working on the next. My formal date had to wait until summer to finally get his cooler (oops!), so learn from my mistakes.

The Sorority Girl’s Crash Course In CraftingPencil First!

I can’t stress this enough, especially if you’re not the neatest or most artsy girl. Drawing out your designs lets you make sure your spacing is balanced, writing is even, and everything is in its place. Be sure to erase any visible lines once you’ve finished!

The Sorority Girl’s Crash Course In CraftingRulers are Your Friend

On the same note, make sure you use a ruler or straightedge for your projects! Whether you’re writing a quote, painting the American flag, or drawing a chevron pattern, everything will come out so much better if your lines are straight, the same length, and evenly spaced. You’ll notice a major difference once you’re done.

The Sorority Girl’s Crash Course In CraftingAdd Personal Touches

You’ll be putting hours of effort into your crafts, so you deserve to add cute personal touches to your work. Add your sorority letters to your formal date’s cooler or give your little a “big-little” picture frame – whatever it is, it’ll make your crafts that much more special to the ones you care about.

The Sorority Girl’s Crash Course In Crafting

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