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5 Sisterhood Event Ideas You'll Actually Want To Go To

Why did we join sororities? Was it for the t-shirts? The social calendar? An excuse to dress up in fancy clothes and heels every Sunday? NO! It was for the sisterhood! That bond that you gush about to PNMs during recruitment and gives that special meaning to your chapter letters.

Now let’s be honest, that sisterly bond doesn’t come automatically with your bid. Sisterhood, like any relationship, has to be built. That’s why sisterhood events are a great way to build the bonds between your sisters. It doesn’t matter if your chapter is big or small, a day together can create those memories we all want from the sorority experience. And just think of the photo ops…

Here are a few ideas on events you and your sisters can all enjoy together!

1. Take a group class

5 Sisterhood Event Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Go To
Sisters that learn to fight together stay together!

Whether it’s a cooking, dancing, or crafting, taking a class with your sisters will be a good time. It’ll be that class in high school where you totally lucked out and got put in the same class as your friends. But even better because you’ll be learning something way cooler than algebra! There will be tons of giggling and by the end of it all you’ll either leave with some sweet new skills or snacks.

2. Go to a sports game

5 Sisterhood Event Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Go To
Sisterhood on ice!

Going to a sports game is something you can do all year long. Depending on the season there’ll be a sport for everyone; whether it’s football, basketball, hockey, soccer, or baseball. Most professional teams offer awesome group rates. Do some research and see what sort of deals you can get for the chapter. And if you’re not that into sports, there’s always plenty of eye candy on the field and in the stands.

3. Take a trip to the amusement park

Even if you don’t like roller coasters there are rides for you I promise! (I’m afraid of heights so I know all about it). You can spend all day riding rides, posing with costume characters, and eating junk food. Calories don’t count if they’re in the name of sisterhood. Eat the funnel cake.

4. Spend a day at the beach or in the city

5 Sisterhood Event Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Go To
Cities offer tons of free photo opportunities!

This option allows your chapter the chance to take advantage of the area surrounding your campus. It’s a great opportunity for out of state and nonlocal girls to get to know their new home and give the local girls the chance to rediscover their own backyard. Cities offer tons of sights and attractions (some might even be free!). If you’re by the coast, you can spend a relaxing day by the water and laying the sun. If you happen to be landlocked, lakes and rivers offer the same kind of fun!

5. Have a good old fashioned lock-in

A lock-in brings the chapter together in a more intimate and casual setting. Spa night, classic 80’s teen movie night, Grey’s Anatomy marathon, Nick Sparks viewing party; the options are limitless when you get the girls together! Depending on the size of your chapter, you probably can’t have a movie marathon with all the girls in the house living room. And some chapters don’t even have houses, but where there’s a will there is always a way! Schedule a pledge class lock in, why should bonding with your pledge sisters stop after initiation? A big-little event pre- reveal is another way for new members to meet sisters interested in taking littles and get to meet their possible big! A big-little lock in after reveal can keep the excitement alive after the whirlwind that is clue week.

There’s no one way to bond with your sisters; there’s no right or wrong. Sisterhood events are just those scheduled days for you all to get together and do something more fun than sit in chapter. You can do anything with these ladies and have a good time because they’re not just your friends, they’re so much more.

Have fun!

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