Go to Class in Comfort and Style

It’s that time of the year and everyone’s back to school! Why not go to class in style… and comfort! One of the biggest trends happening right now, has been, and will be is the high-waisted shorts. High waisted shorts paired with a simple V-neck was one of my favorite go to outfits this summer and will continue to be as class starts up! This outfit is not only stylish but it’s so comfortable I would go to class in it anytime. It’s a very relaxed look that could be worn out to a movie, night out with friends, or just hanging out at the dorm, apartment, etc.

Go to Class in Comfort and Style

Above is an example of one of my go to outfits! A colored V-neck just like that one can be bought at almost any clothing store such as Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters. The shorts can also be bought at any clothing store such as Urban Outfitters or Uniqlo.

It is a very casual outfit but you can always dress it up with little to no effort! Add some heels, a nice top, or some jewelry and off to a fancy dinner you go!

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