Why We Older Frat Guys Are Better Than Younger Ones

I’m pretty sure if there is one non educational thing I’ve learned in college its: Boys are difficult and always will be difficult. Especially frat boys (I assumed the only boys we would ever be talking about are frat boys anyway, because do any other boys really exist?) They have a superiority complex, they drink to much (which is saying a lot coming from me), their too loud, too busy and spend just a little too much time with their brothers but at the end of the day one thing doesn’t change – this doesn’t make us want them any less. Theres something about seeing a boy in his letters on campus that makes him that much more attractive than GDI’s.

Dealing with these boys sometimes is too much to handle, you don’t understand why after talking for three months they still tell you your sisters are hot, why they haven’t put a title on it and why if you’re going to their date party is even still a question, but I’ve found a way to skirt this and get the best of both worlds- date an older boy. Dating an older boy gives you the luxury of having everything that comes with a frat boy minus the little things that drive us crazy and heres why.

1. He’s no longer infatuated with the little aspects of frat life.

Its science- we all know freshmen and even sophomore frat boys are obsessed with living the life that comes with joining a fraternity. They now get to ditch the title of GDI and associate themselves with letters that bring them nothing but pride, endless free alcohol and girls. This is overwhelming to us as girls because well- we don’t see the glory in it. My freshmen year I was talking to a boy who was just newly initiated into his fraternity and all he could talk about was well simply that fact. It consumed his life and I was put on the back burner in his mind. His alcohol, parties, groupme and brothers came before me, which I understand to an extent. But when I’m constantly the second choice I couldn’t do it anymore. Talking to an older boy eliminates all of these things because well, he’s been around the block a time or two. Nice alcohol at formal is no longer the best thing since sliced bread to him and he can actually make it past 11o’clock because well, he can handle his alcohol. His groupme is now on mute and only checked once or twice daily because he knows his friends will still be there at the end of the day, and this leaves plenty of time for him to answer you text messages in under .5 seconds.

2. Chances are, he’s messed up with a few girls before and doesn’t want to do the same with you.

Now this one only applies if you are in a semi serious relationship with this boy. If he’s older were not going to beat around the bush, he’s probably had a multitude of “girlfriends” and has tried everything in the book. He knows what to say, wear and how to act and you won’t feel like he’s testing the world out on you. Theres nothing nicer than your boy showing up to formal with cuff links on because his past girlfriend hit him over the head and said formal= cuff links!! Now I’m not giving him free reign to talk about his previous girlfriends because we like to pretend they all got run over by a bus, but we are giving them an ode to making him a better man.

3. He knows people, places and you’ll always have something to do.

If you’re talking to a NIB(newly initiated brother) chances are his friends are limited, his resources are limited and even though he”s in a fraternity which grants you plans every thursday-sunday, theres nothing like talking to an older boy and having ACTUAL plans. Regardless if its changing up the party you go to because he knows more brothers or simply a dinner date instead of food made at the house, the options are endless. Younger boys may not live at the house which also means your slumming it in another brothers room not comfortable enough to move off the couch old and dirty enough to be your grandpas. With an older boy you’re almost certain he’ll live in the house which means a place to put your things, a safe place to go and more importantly not having the leave the house after a party.


This one is self explainable, he’s got a dad bod. He’s been to the bar more than he’s been to the gym and “beer” is his middle name. Dont try to fight or deny it- This is the winning number.

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