5 Reasons to Have a Chapter Bible Study

1. Fellowship

Having a weekly Bible study can be a great time to spend with sisters. Scheduled time together is always the easiest to incorporate into busy schedules.

2. Deeper Relationships.

Get to know your sisters on a deeper level. Chatting at social events is nice, but there is so much more to a person. Understand her story and what she goes through, and you’ll see a significant difference in your friendship.

3. Relax.

Engaging in a sorority Bible study can be a great time to take a break from the chaos of college life and rest in God’s presence.

4. Pray for one another.

We all have rough patches, asking your sisters to pray for you can be a way to overcome the difficulties. In my personal experience, when I’ve prayed with my sisters it has given me a sense of peace and calmed my heart.

5. Learn.

It can often be intimidating to go to a new church in a new college town. Though there’s a level of fellowship and connectedness to the community that you can only find in a local church, a Bible study with your sisters can be a starting point to learn more about God in a comfortable environment. You already know and love your sisters, together you can grow in your faith, even if you’re just testing the waters.

Whether your school is private, public, religiously affiliated, secular, or somewhere in between, starting a Bible study is a great idea to throw out at your next chapter meeting! You never know who may genuinely be interested and it could change your sisterhood in the most amazing ways!

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