Confession: I'm Obsessed with Greek Life

As soon as I started the recruitment process my freshman year I heard the phrase “too turnt on sisterhood” from dozens of girls. Some meant it as a compliment; they admired my passion for Greek life. Others spit it at me like I was crazy (and they’re not wrong) for loving every aspect of Greek life at all hours of the day. Because, like, it’s so not cool to have emotions or whatever.

After getting a bid in the spring I continued to remain just as “turnt on sisterhood,” but this time I had letters – even more reason to get excited! I bleed double blue, hum our sisterhood song in the shower, and talk about Greek life more than anything else. And I know that sounds pathetic, because there is so much more out there that is worthy of my attention and semi-obsession, but honestly I don’t feel ashamed.

At this time in my life, my sorority is what I’ve chosen to be passionate about (among other things, I assure you), and there is nothing wrong with that. I wear my letters with pride, know the Greek alphabet backwards, and can tell you my family line for the last 10 generations.

I will not subdue how much Greek life means to me. I will not hide my excitement at the thought of sharing this with other college women. I will not stop talking about Greek life to any willing audience. To answer the question, “turn down for what?” my answer is not Greek life, and that’s who I am, take it or leave it.

Oh, and for the record, I will blog about it.

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