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New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

Even though I like the concept of bettering yourself in the coming year, I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions because I know I’m not going to go to the gym everyday, I’m not going to save my money instead of buying that cute new dress, and I’m not going to skip dessert when it’s cheesecake, so why set myself up for failure?

But this year, I’ve decided to take a new approach to New Year’s Resolutions, one that everyone can benefit from! It is possible to better yourself by setting goals you can actually achieve rather than lofty expectations, which is something we can all manage! I recently discovered a few iPhone apps that can help you accomplish your New Years goals! So check them out and start the New Year off right!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

1. Stop Procrastinating

Finish: Some of the best apps I have discovered to help against procrastination include an app called Finish. This app allows you to put in your tasks, set due dates with long and short term, gives reminders, and helps you prioritize your tasks!

Hustle: Hustle is a To-Do app that is timed, and will help you get done today, the things you need to get done! It makes it difficult to put off tomorrow what you need to do today! As you put your tasks in, you put timers, and the app counts down and pressures you to get your work done!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

2. Be Healthier

Fooducate: This is the perfect app for every day healthy living! You can look up any food, and it will tell you the nutritional information about it, a dietician’s opinion on it, warning facts about the food, and any other information you would need to make healthy choices! And a bonus, the app was made by scientists, and dietitians and was named Apple’s healthiest app of 2013!

Nutrino: When you download the Nutrino app, you enter your physical characteristics, and medical information, and then you have the chance to put in your personal eating preferences as well, and the app will create healthy meal plans made just for you! Its great for ideas on what to eat, comes with recipes and health information, and the perfect way to start a healthy new you!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

3. Exercise More

Human: Move 30 Minutes or More: The premise behind this app is that you should try to move at least 30 minutes every day! So, it tracks your walking, running, biking, and then tells you when you have completed your 30 minutes of walking! It’s the perfect way to get in the habit of doing just a little exercise every day!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

4. Save Money is one of the most popular finance apps, it organizes and categorizes your spending for you. It shows you where all of your money goes, and helps you make money decisions you can be proud of! It organizes your spending into categories like clothes, rent, food, lattes, and then shows you in a chart what you are spending and where!

LearnVest: LearnVest organizes your finances, and helps you budget and track your spending and saving. It is designed to help you organize your accounts and help you know where your money goes and stick to your budget. The app allows you to set financial goals, and tracks your progress, and even has access to financial experts if you need one!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

5. Be Happy

Daily Yoga: What better way to be happy than to spend a little time every day or every few days doing some yoga! It helps to clear your mind, relax and calm down! Daily yoga tracks your exercises and has scheduled yoga programs, and even stores your favorites! There are even yoga music albums to listen to during your breaks. So relax learn some yoga, and be happy!

My last piece of advice is to remember to set small, manageable goals, and to share them with someone! Your sisters can hold you accountable and help you work toward your goals while also sharing progress! Here is to a happy and healthy New Year for all of us!

New Year, New You: Make and Keep Your Resolutions!

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