Bubble Nails: Fashionable or Fail?

Ladies, I am a huge advocate of fake nails, or “talons” as I so fondly call them. Have a nail-biting habit? Get acrylics. Like to peel off all your polish? Acrylics. Look like a slob most days? Elevate your look by getting nails that you can’t clothe in Norts.

Seriously, fake nails have been a lifesaver for me. I have a nervous habit of picking at my nails, at the skin around them, and at any nail polish on them. The only way that I have found to solve this is by spending the time and money on a nice manicure. I like to think I am vaguely aware of nail trends, even though I typically stick with a classy, short, rounded-square tip, pastel look on my own digits.

I saw bubble nails featured on the news - that’s our first problem. Why is a nail trend being featured on the news? The only reason this is news is because it is hideous. Do you think an employer would take you seriously if you reach out for a firm handshake and it looks like your fingernails have weird calcium buildup or something? I don’t even know if this is a thing (calcium buildup), but I can tell you this trend does not look healthy OR professional.

It’s also, according to the Today Show website, an extra $10-15 at the salon. Save your money and get shellac/gel polish instead, girls. You know better.

The Today Show website actually sums it up nicely:

“So, what exactly do bubble nails look like? Somewhat similar to what your fingers might look like after getting jammed in a car door and swelling like crazy. Or, if you stuck your nails in crazy glue and then straight into a bowl full of gumballs.”

So here’s the verdict — save your money and save yourself the embarrassment. Just glue gumballs to your fingertips instead!

Just kidding. Please, please, do NOT try out this trend. It’s not going to last long.

Oh, and P.S. - want more like this? I have a blog!

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