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Welcome to My House Party: 5 Lessons I Learned From Living in a Sorority House

This past semester I lived in my sorority’s house. Since Theta was only established at Tufts less than two years ago, this was the first year we had specified sorority housing. I decided to live in the house my Spring semester because I needed a safe, happy place because of roommate and life troubles my fall semester.

Moving into my sorority house was the best decision for me.

If you don’t have 2 hours to spend watching Animal House to get someone’s take on living in Greek housing, here are 5 lessons I learned from living in my sorority house:

1. How to live in a house

Moving from dorm life to living in a house is wonderful because I was able to have my own bathroom. Your own bathroom means you are responsible for its upkeep. Setting a schedule with your roommate to clean the bathroom is essential.

2. Always be ready for visitors

Related to above. Keep a weekly schedule for cleaning. This is especially crucial during new member period. We never knew when we would be asked to give a house tour, including showing off our nicely decorated bedrooms. Don’t want any potential littles to know just how messy you are, (at least not yet).

3. We do not have pillow fights in our underwear

Just in our onesie pajamas ;) . Contrary to what some teen movies might suggest, living in a sorority house is not all about doing our nails or our hair and blasting Britney Spears through our speakers. It’s some of what we do. But definitely not all. Slumber and study parties are quintessential of the experience living in your sorority house. It’s great having sisters literally right next store to study with.

4. GrubHub will become your best friend

What’s better than late night bites with your sisters? - Nothing. Except maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies, which I promise you will spontaneously bake on occasion.

5. You will LOVE living in your house

Even though sometimes your room will serve as a second storage unit, or you’ll have to wake up earlier than you want on a Saturday to help carry recruitment boxes. Nothing is better than the convenience of living in the place where all the goodies are stored. (First dibs, on extra Theta post-its and cups from bid day!) Nothing is better than living with your sisters and making your house at school, truly a home away from home.

Welcome to My House Party: 5 Lessons I Learned From Living in a Sorority House
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