Greek Life

16 Reasons You Know You're a Theta

You might be a Theta if…

  1. You definitely messed up the throw what you know on bid day
  2. But now you’re a total pro at it
  3. You have a favorite side to be in the kite
  4. Your phone autocorrects “team” to “TLAM”
  5. You always search for kites wherever you go
  6. And get hella disappointed when all you find are anchors
  7. You call your boobs your “twin stars” and if you say you don’t you’re a liar
  8. You’re always down to explain CASA to anyone and everyone who asks
  9. You downloaded the Greek keyboard for one letter
  10. But sometimes you get too lazy to switch keyboards so you just say KAO
  11. Your face when someone asks you what Theta is short for:
  12. And your face when someone asks why you don’t just go by Kappa:
  13. You’re quick to tell people you’re part of the “first Greek letter fraternity known among women”
  14. “Yeah, I’m like technically in a frat”
  15. You’ve run into a Theta from a different chapter at the airport or mall because we are literally EVERYWHERE
  16. And, most importantly, you thank Bettie Locke everyday for founding Theta, because without her you wouldn’t have met your amazing sisters…


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