5 Ways to Make the Best Little Basket Ever

1. Make it personal

Your little will love anything you give her, but to make it even more special add personal touches that show you really put a lot of thought into what you made for her. Using her initials are a great way to do this, you can make wooden letters or a monogrammed canvas.

2. Include food

Let’s be real, who doesn’t love food? Even if you are a terrible crafter and your canvases come out like major Pinterest fails, you can’t go wrong with food. Ask her what her favorite snacks and candies are and even include some of yours so she gets to know you better too!

3. Write her a personal note/letter

This will be way more special to her than any craft you can make. Tell her why you are so happy to have her as a little and give her your best advice to make the most out of her first year in college and your sorority.

4. Add in little things

Everything doesn’t have to be handmade and crafted. Add some smaller things that you know she will you, like lip gloss, water bottles, nail polish, hand sanitizer, notepads, and pencils. My big gave me a mini on-the-go sewing kit that I use it all the time!


This is one of the most exciting things a little gets from her big, but it’s also the most expensive. Use the summer to spread out your spending and go with a medium in everything, this will fit most girls and if it doesn’t you will still have time to send it back for a different size when you find out who your little is.

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