Lip Service: 4 Ways to Plump Your Lips Without Your Doctor

The newest beauty trend has been seen on nearly every star, specifically featuring the Kardashians. To achieve this perfect look most girls believe they have to go see an amazing (and expensive) plastic surgeon to get a costly lip injection. This is not true. Here are a few tips you can try at home to achieve these plump lips while saving you a lot of time and money!

1. Scrub Your Lips

Before you can start to put on any type of makeup make sure you have a clean and smooth surface. This will help prevent those pesky clumps and help your makeup stay longer. A great and easy way to do this is with a cheap tooth brush and water. Simply wet the toothbrush and lightly scrub your lips to get rid of any dead skin.

2. Extend Your Lipstick

When applying lipstick, extend it just a tad away from your lips. Giving the impression your lips are actually bigger than they are. This takes lots of time and practice in order for it to look natural and may look a little silly the first couple times you try. This can also be done with lip liner before you put on your lipstick!

Side tip: Apply concealer to your lips before you do this, it will cover where your lips truly end.

3. Contour Your Lips

After you put on your favorite lipstick grab a white or cream colored eyeshadow (cream based eyeshadows work best, but powder eyeshadow will work too). Dip your pointer finger into the eyeshadow and lightly apply it to the middle of your lip. This gives the illusion that your lips have more fullness to them.

4. Use Plumping Lipgloss

This may be the easiest and quickest way to see your lips enhance! Plumping lip glosses have special natural additives, like mint or cinnamon, that give you a tingling feeling. This tingling feeling is actually activating your blood vessels in your lips giving you that perfect pout.

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