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22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know

Joining a sorority can be a little intimidating at first and chances are you don’t really know where to start. Keep these things in mind from the very beginning, and your sorority experience will surely be one to remember.

1. Your standards chair is your friend.

She’s not always trying to get you in trouble. She’s just looking out. Love her.

2. Make an effort to complete your community service hours.

3. No one is going to notice if you re-wear that formal dress from freshman year.

Literally no one.

4. The experience you get out of your sorority is dependent on the amount of effort you put in.

5. Recruitment is stressful, but if you let yourself have a little fun, you’ll grow to love it.

22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
Recruitment is my favorite time of the year. Learn to love it!

6. Go to everything you can.

Especially if there’s free food.

7. But that doesn’t mean you should feel bad if you have to miss something.

8. Don’t worry if you don’t find your best friend for the first few months after you join.

It will happen, but it may take time. Make sure you give it time.

22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
It took me nearly 2 years to find these people. Give it time.

9. Socials and parties are fun, but grades are the reason you’re here.

10. Live your ritual every single day.

It’s important that you represent what you say you stand for.

11. Themed parties are only fun when you go all out.

12. Just because you’re Greek, doesn’t mean you should abandon your friends who aren’t.

13. Reach out to people you normally don’t talk to.

A lunch date could turn into a beautiful friendship.

14. Respect the seniors - they know what they’re talking about.

22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
Seniors know the ins and outs of just about everything. Listen to them and take their advice.

15. Take on a position in your chapter as early as you can.

16. Don’t be scared to ask your sisters for help in your classes.

17. You’re always wearing your letters.

You’ve heard this a million times before, but it’s true.

18. You’re probably not going to be friends with everyone in your chapter, and that’s okay.

19. Take lots of pictures.

20. Get to know people in other sororities.

You and your best friend may share everything, but it’s okay if you don’t share your letters.

21. Don’t say rude things about other chapters.

22. Four years goes by really fast.

When you enter college, you think it’s going to last forever. You think you have all the time in the world, but the next thing you know it’s your senior year and you’re wishing you did so much more with your time in your chapter. Take on a leadership role. Give back. Hang out with your best friends every second of every day. Because as much as we wish we could, there will be a day we can’t lounge around in our PJ’s with our best friends while binge eating Chinese food and trying to put together the foggy memories of what happened the night before. You experience will only change you for the better if you let it.

22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
Go to the weddings.
22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
Throw what you know.
22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
Become passionate about philanthropy.
22 Things All Sorority Girls Should Know
But don’t you dare let time pass you by.

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