Bid Day

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Bid Day is a sorority girl’s Christmas in September. And that’s probably the most accurate statement of all time.

I just experienced my last sorority recruitment and bid day ever this past weekend. It was both awesome and incredibly sad because I never want to leave, but in short- it was the time of my life.

Watching all of our new members (who are absolutely gorgeous and flawless, by the way) run to us never, ever gets old. After four long, stressful, and tiring days of recruitment, watching our hard work pay off in the form of nearly 50 wonderful new members screaming and crying because they were chosen to be a part of our chapter is easily the greatest thing in the world.

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas
Just look at how perfect they are. They’re perfect. Actual perfection in human form.

Bid Day is the best party on campus. We dance, take millions of pictures, chant, scream, cry, and love each other more on this day than we ever do. And watching a girl you fell in love with during recruitment run to your sorority is also really, really great.

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas
This is Kenzie. She’s pretty great.

Tackling your friends who chose to be recruitment counselors (Pi Chis, Rho Gammas, etc.) as they run back to your chapter is also one of the best things about Bid Day. It was incredibly hard not to scream my best friends’ names across campus when I saw them. Instead, I had to settle for walking right past them and texting them hundreds of crying emojis afterward. But now I can scream their name in public as much as I want to. So that’s cool.

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas
No one was harmed in the tackling of this Pi Chi. Mostly. Just some scraped knees. It’s fine.

Bid Day is more than just dancing and chanting and spending time with your sisters, though. Somewhere in this new pledge class is our next president. Our next Vice President of Community Service. Our next sisterhood chair. This pledge class is the future of our chapter. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I can tell that the new girls Kappa Delta welcomed this year are going to do amazing, amazing things for our chapter.

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas
How could they not do great things? Just look at them.

So basically, Bid Day is sorority Christmas and our Santa Claus is our recruitment chair and our presents are the wonderful new girls we welcome home. Actual Christmas is great and all, but if I could, I’d experience Bid Day everyday for the rest of my life.

Why Bid Day is Essentially Sorority Christmas
Please don’t make me graduate.

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