Bid Day

It's Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

It’s a new year and we’re all back at school, seeing our friends again that we promised we’d stay in touch with but then got ridiculously caught up in the trials and tribulations of being home, buying new school supplies we’ll eventually lose anyway, crafting away inspirational quotes to put on our wall, and of course, getting ridiculously amped up for recruitment.

Let’s face it: the most important day of the year is Bid Day. It’s our livelihood; our pride and joy. It’s like Christmas except better because instead of presents you get a whole lot of people who each just became our person, and if we’re really lucky, there’s a mini-me in there who we’ll be lucky enough to soon call our little.

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

Everyone I have ever talked to in my lifetime (my very short very inexperienced lifetime) has told me that without a doubt the day they got their Bid was the best day of their lives. Almost everyone I know lives for the moment when they screamed and cried and jumped into the arms of their sisters in bliss. With all the food, the new tank tops and music what more could you ask for?

For some of us though that’s not the case. I for one can say that my bid day was this crazy blur of random girls hugging me and screaming, with energy to power a whole city while I was hot and sweaty and too tired to walk let alone run and jump and pretend to be excited all at the same time.

If you’re the latter of the two, I’m here to report that this is OKAY and more importantly, no indication of what you’re Greek experience will be. Bid day can be a huge deal especially when you’re not prepared for it! Here are some things to remember though when you’re in a panic.

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

1. Your sisters (although you don’t know them now) have been awaiting your arrival literally all year.

The beautiful part about a sorority is getting new members every year. Because in reality its like one big secret club you’re a part of and it’s awesome being a part of one big secret together. While you were contemplating going Greek last year, we were talking about how much we can’t wait to have you.

2. We already know everything about you.

Not in a creepy way, of course. But we’re just so excited to have you that we’ve found ways to creep on social media, or we’ve seen you on campus. Although we’re not allowed to associate with you during recruitment, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the day we can gush with you about our mutual Grey’s Anatomy obsession because you liked it on Facebook and we saw it.

3. This day is a celebration of you!

While you may be feeling awkward, out of your comfort zone even, don’t forget that everyone in the room is celebrating, well, you! It’s because of your personality, your accomplishments and everything you are that you became a part of your sisterhood. Bid day is a way for us to show you how important you are to our bond, and that you alone are about to change it for the better.

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

4. You won’t necessarily find your maid of honor today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually.

You will forever meet girls who say “the minute I laid eyes on my big I knew it was meant to be”, and while for some girls that’s happily true, for a lot of us it isn’t. Sometimes it’s about the girl you met after bid day bonding over the awkwardness of all the chaos, who ends up being your ride or die.

5. Accept that there are going to be girls who are more excited than you.

Truth be told, there are girls who will inevitably have that Bid day experience we always hear stories about, and although it might seem frustrating and even a little discouraging, know that this is no indication of what you will achieve in your chapter! In fact, your level head might just be what we needed!

6. Remember why you chose your chapter in the first place.

With all the craziness of girls freaking out and aggressively trying to get to know one another in the first five minutes of meeting officially, it can be very easy to lose sight of what brought you here during recruitment. Remember that connection you had and all the things you wanted from your chapter during rounds, it’s all still there. After all this is still just one day out of the year.

7. Understand that while you’ll eventually be a part of a secret, you won’t know it all just yet, and that’s okay.

It’s easy to get irritated when girls are throwing around information you know nothing about, but its even more irritating to be told you can’t exactly be a part of it yet. Remember just because you have gotten a bid does not mean you will automatically get to know everything. But don’t fret, ask any initiated girl, new member period definitely has its perks too!

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

8. Don’t feel bad if you don’t cry.

This one is key. There’s always been this stigma of sorority women being emotional and overwhelmed with feelings on Bid Day but just because you don’t have them, doesn’t mean you care any less. Your sisters know this too, so you can stop practicing the oscar speech water works, we won’t love you any less!

9. If this chapter wasn’t your first choice, know that it happened for a reason.

Recruitment is long, it’s grueling, in fact it’s one of the most exhausting experiences even if you have some sort of idea what you’re getting into. It can be tough when you put so much energy into something and end up somewhere you didn’t want to be. However, if the chapter you end up in on Bid Day was not your first choice, don’t pout just yet! Know that (although it sounds so cliché and cheesy) the system always seems to work in mysterious ways. You are here for a reason, and when you find it, you will be amazed at the doors that’ll open for you.

and finally,

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed on Bid Day

10.If you are that girl who’s screaming and crying, that is also perfectly okay.

Being overwhelmed on bid day might be because you are that excited girl who can’t believe how lucky she got, and that is perfectly okay too! If you wanna cry, you cry. If you wanna scream, scream at the top of your lungs girl because there’s a reason we love to hear those Bid Day stories.

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