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A Summer With Sisters

Summer might be half way over, but here are some ideas of what you can do to make the best of the remaining time you have off:

GO ON A ROAD TRIP to visit your far away sisters- it’s hard being away from your sisters over the summer, so pick up some snacks and get that playlist ready because road trips are always better with sisters!

A Summer With SistersGO NOM on foods you’ve never tried- try Dim Sum or Mediterranean food! Explore other cultures, who knows? You might actually like Portuguese Egg Tarts! [Lunch dates are the best way to soothe the soul!

TRAVEL the world- see the world and meet new people! You might even get to meet sisters from other chapters!

A Summer With SistersGO TO A DRIVE IN- two [movies for the price of half of one! You get to enjoy the outdoors and bring your own snacks! Hop in a truck and turn that truck bed into an actual bed with blankets and pillows!

GET IN TOUCH with nature- the best kind of bonding is done when you’re stuck in the middle of no where without cell reception. Go camping (or glamping) and roast some s’mores! Take a breath of fresh air and then gather around a bon fire!A Summer With Sisters**

HAVE A SLEEPOVER to have some much needed girl time- set up your Netflix queue and bring out those mani-pedi sets!

VOLUNTEER whenever you can- nothing like [giving back to community! Though we do a lot of hands on philanthropies during the year, our sisters still love to volunteer at places outside of chapter.

A Summer With SistersCRAFT til you drop- whether it’s a gift for your Little or your recruitment tables, free your creative self! Or at least get some Christmas presents out of the way ;) Nothing says, “I love you” more than [crafts!

DANCE ALL NIGHT at a concert- take some time and go to at least one summer concert, even if it’s a free one at [Jimmy Kimmel Live! Dance the night away with the best partner you could ask for: your sister!

A Summer With SistersHOST A PHOTOSHOOT to get everyone excited for recruitment- grab your girls and rock your Vogue poses! Blow up your social media pages for the world to see! Don’t forget your [smeyes!

&& DON’T FORGET to throw what you know, everywhere you go!

A Summer With Sisters

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