Go Big or Go Home: Top 7 Mixer/Social Themes

Hello mixer season, welcome back. Few things in college are as fun as dressing in crazy themes with all of your friends and friends you haven’t meet yet. There are bunches of themes out there, but here are 7 themes that every sorority girl needs to experience at least once during her four years on campus.

Go Big or Go Home: Top 7 Mixer/Social Themes

7. ABC (Anything but Clothes)

Whether you cover yourself with present bows, a shopping bag, or some other material you found in your room, this theme takes some work and creativity. Unlike some themes that require no effort at all, ABC is something you’ll want plenty of notice for. This theme seems to also be the most prominent for wardrobe malfunctions, so heed caution.

6. America

We may be Greek, but sorority girls love America. Dressing up in red, white, and blue puts you automatically in a patriotic mood for the night, so you better be ready for anything. Partying for America? What could be better than that? Nothing.

5. Toga

I’m pretty sure all non-Greeks think that every mixer is a toga party because of Animal House, but this theme is so classic who cares if it’s the stereotype. Actually constructing a toga can be tricky, but with a little help from Pinterest it can be done. Also, who said togas have to be white? Plot twist: they don’t.

Go Big or Go Home: Top 7 Mixer/Social Themes
Risky business

4. Risky Business

This is one of my personal favorites because it is the most comfortable theme. Grab a pair of spandex shorts and a guy friend’s over sized button down and you’re ready to go. You can have a pants off dance off without a care in the world.

3. Neon

Whether it’s bid day or a mixer, neon and sorority girls go together like America and apple pie. Rave/neon mixers are always a blast because just like the America theme, this theme just puts you in a mindset to have a great night out.

2. Decades

There are lots of options to choose from, but decade themes are always a go to. Whether it’s flower power or high waist everything, throwback music is always a plus.

1. Tacky/What Not to Wear

Head to the local thrift store and find the most ridiculous outfit you can. The less you match, the better you look. Plus, when you go to bars or something after, you’ll be sure to strike up some conversations.

Never be afraid to go all out! When else in your life will you be able to dress ridiculously and partake in shenanigans on the reg? Exactly. Go big or go home.

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