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10 Ways to Throw What You Know

I’ve always found being a sorority to be a bit like being in a gang- you wear matching t-shirts, you chant together, and you have each others backs in the roughest of situations. And of course, no gang is complete without its gang sign. From bid day until we’re old and grey, we greeks will be snapping pics with our sisters and “throwing what we know”, the colloquial term used to describe the finger arrangements each sorority uses that act as an immediate label as to which greek organization they partake in. And what better way to show your sorority pride than to, much like a gang (I imagine), flash it everywhere you get the chance, on campus and on social media.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know
Kappa Delta Gamma Gamma sure knows how to welcome new members on Bid Day

If we’re honest with ourselves, it gets trite. Don’t get me wrong, on Bid Day, Big Little reveal, derby day, national holidays etc. I love seeing my Instagram newsfeed flooded with Kappa Delta pride. In fact, when people post pictures throwing what they know, it makes it a lot easier for me to be able to tell why they are on my newsfeed in the first place (“Oooooooh, okay. So I followed you because you’re in my sorority!”) But there is more to a great sorority photo than just the classic front facing throw what you know! Girls of greek life everywhere, I call on you to pull out your creative skills and come up with a different throw what you know photo! If you can expertly glitter the stem of a slender glass and monogram a jewelry box for your grandlittle, I am certain there are “throw what you know” variations to be discovered. Allow me to assist the search…

1. The Classic Throw

They say simplicity is aesthetically pleasing, and I couldn’t agree more. There is something undeniably likable about a front-facing shot that gets the message across clear as day. Try the classic throw with newbies- those who may not be in your sorority but want to show their appreciation anyways- to add interest to your photos.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know
Throw what you know: Formal Edition

2. The Backwards Throw

One of my personal favorites, the backwards throw has been gracing sorority Facebook page cover photos for years. Nothing looks better than a silhouette against a blue sky, the ocean, or a bustling metropolis than this backwards throw. I suggest finding some engaging scenery as your backdrop for this throw.

Vacation All We Ever Wanted
Sigma Kappa throws what she knows

3. The Crossed Throw

This intermediate level throw is where things start to get tricky. Its like a forward facing throw, except you cross your arms and make the sign with the people on either side of you. Before taking the photo, and this is crucial if you want to break 60 likes on Instagram, make sure everyones signs are readable. Nothing flops amongst friends like droopy fingers and flailing hands.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know
Kappa Deltas in Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity

4. The Backwards Crossed Throw **

I have trouble executing this one for long periods of time, but I think that has more to do with my nonexistent upper body strength and less to do with the throw itself. Make sure, as with all backwards throws, that the fingers are opposite of a front-facing throw, if you have a sign that isn’t symmetrical, like Kappa Delta.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know

5. The Bookends Throw

No one wants to be the girl that doesn’t throw what they know in the group photo, but with the girls on the ends putting up the sign, you’ll be the hero not to interfere. The picture comes out 100 times cuter.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know

6. The Stacked Throw

Wow. First of all, let me just say, bravo to the ladies in this photo. I can’t touch my toes, let alone stack my family on my back and throw what I know. However, looking at how cute this throw looks makes me want to at least buy a yoga mat. We’ll see if I actually make it to any classes.

10 Ways to Throw What You Know
Forget the run, I would literally be exhausted from just attempting to pull this off.

7. The Over-the-Shoulder Throw

The perfect throw for showing off your ridiculously adorable outfits, the over the shoulder throw is definitely underused!

10 Ways to Throw What You Know
Sweet Kaydees

8. The Candid Throw

Let your inner beauty shine through with this throw that looks as though it was snapped in the middle of a conversation! The result is a picture with warmth and character.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Laugh out loud! This throw is about personality!

9. The High-Low Throw

Add some levels to your shot and have the one 6 foot 6 girl in your sorority throw it up high. This is a perfect pose for those odd pairings of girls from different sororities. With this pose, you can spread the greek love!

10 Ways to Throw What You Know

10. The Behind-The-Back Throw

Big Little Week!
My sorority has my back

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