8 Tips to Help You Survive Recruitment

1. Plan your outfits in advance

I remember the morning of skit day I was panicking on FaceTime with my Mom because I had to leave in 10 minutes but had no idea what to wear. Don’t let this be you! Look through your closet while you still have time to try things on and see what you like. If you can’t find anything you want to wear then to take a trip to the mall and find a great skirt or dress to make an awesome first impression!

2. Wear comfortable shoes

I know they say “beauty is pain” but don’t let it be in this case. If you’re in pain you’ll be cranky while talking to girls and that’s the last thing anyone wants, on both ends! Find shoes that you’re able to stand in for long periods of time and make sure they’re worn in to avoid blisters. Recruitment involves lots of walking from house to house and rarely do you sit down inside a house!

3. Get plenty of rest and eat well

You’re up and about for hours each day/night during recruitment. Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour, drink plenty of water and don’t skip meals. No one wants to be the girl that passes out in a house! Bring snacks too if you’re able.

4. Keep mints and hand sanitizer in your bag

Houses get extremely loud so when you’re talking to girls you are practically in each others faces just so you can hear one another. Don’t be the girl with bad breath! Also, try to sanitize your hands before and after each house. You’re going to shake hands with lots of girls inside each house and that is the best way to spread germs. You don’t want to have the sniffles on Bid Day!

5. Try not to talk to your friends about recruitment

It’ll definitely be hard but picking a sorority should be your choice and your choice alone. The best decision my friends and I made was to not talk about our preferences, the houses we got asked back to and what we thought of them. We didn’t want to influence each other’s choices and opinions on any sorority. The house that fits you might be the house your friend didn’t like; and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean you won’t be friends if you’re not in the same sorority.

6. Trust the process

I know that sounds weird, but believe me there are no truer words about rush. Everything happens for a reason during this process and you just have to let it be. The house you weren’t asked back to is not the house for you. Don’t dwell on it, keep moving forward. You will find your place in the Greek life. I learned this first hand I couldn’t be happier where I am now.

7. Be yourself

I cannot stress this enough! Being yourself is the only way that you will find a home with girls you will eventually call your sisters. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not just to impress girls in a house, it’ll hurt you in the long run.

8. Keep an open mind

Don’t go into rush with one or two houses in mind. Be open to learning about each sorority, their philanthropies, and the dynamic of the girls. Don’t pick a house because of stereotypes (most of them aren’t true anyway). Ask questions and get to know as much about each house as you can before you start making any decisions.

Rush is going to be a roller coaster of emotions, but don’t forget to have fun throughout it. You will meet so many people you wouldn’t get to meet otherwise. Enjoy it, remember to smile, and know that when you open your bid card on Bid Day it will all be worth it!

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