The Secret's Out: It's Time To Feel Good & #GoConfidently

There is so much pressure to be “perfect” in today’s world because of all the advertisements, commercials, and latest fad diets. Especially in Greek Life. From movies like The House Bunny or Legally Blonde people can get an unrealistic expectation of what they “are supposed to look like”. There is WAY more to sororities than what people look like and there is more to advertisements than what you see. What a lot of people don’t realize, however is that most of these ads you’re seeing have been severely retouched.

At some point I know you’ve said: “ugh, I wish I had her legs, or boobs, or butt etc.” Cause we all do it. Or you’ve criticized yourself like that scene in Mean Girls. Just in case anyone has yet to watch one the greatest movies of all times here is the scene:

As a Graphic Design minor, I love photoshop and editing, but there’s a certain point where it gets to be too much editing (GASP, have I said too much?) But in all seriousness, young girls (truthfully, ALL of us) are being given unrealistic expectations as a result of the distorted media that surrounds them.

If you haven’t already seen some of these, it’s TIME LET THE SECRET OUT about what really happens in most of advertisements:

To start off… This is a campaign Buzzfeed did for women everywhere:

These are Dove campaigns that show exactly how much retouching is done:

This is a video Dove made called: Dove Evolution

This Dove campaign showed how women everywhere are affected by what “they’re supposed to look like”:

Buzzfeed did another campaign that showed how beauty standards are so different all around the world:

Now for the mandy (man + candy):

It’s important to understand something. This doesn’t only happen to women, which many people don’t realize. I didn’t even think of it until I saw this video. So, here’s a video of a man getting photoshopped. Beware! After watching it, you may rethink every ad you’ve ever seen.

Dove Campaign For Real Beauty (Male Version)

I hope I’ve shed some light on how altered & unrealistic people can look using Photoshop. You can’t always believe what you see. Beautiful means too many different things for there to be just one universal definition for it. There’s no such thing as perfect and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Do what makes YOU feel beautiful and #GoConfidently!

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